The Grand Floridian Walkway to Magic Kingdom

Guests can now walk between the Grand Floridian and Magic Kingdom, thanks to a new pathway that was installed last year. The newer walkway allows guests the freedom to walk directly to and from either destination.

This new walkway is one of the most positive additions to the Walt Disney World Resort that I’ve seen in a while. Formerly, the only option for walking to Magic Kingdom was to and from Disney’s Contemporary. The Contemporary sits on the opposite side of the theme park.

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However, with this newer path, guests can enjoy a stroll from Grand Floridian to Magic Kingdom. This review will cover all the details on how you can access the walkway that wraps around Seven Seas Lagoon between Magic Kingdom and Grand Floridian.

Magic Kingdom to Grand Floridian

Guests staying or visiting the Grand Floridian can access the walkway on the far side of the resort’s property. The path begins behind the convention center.

When you exit the backside of the Grand Floridian’s lobby, you’ll want to take a hard left, continuing toward the far end of the resort.

Note, if you head toward the water here, you’ll end up at the resort’s boat service launch. That is the wrong way. If you get confused, keep heading toward the monorail track you can see in the distance.

There will more than likely be other guests heading to and from the walkway when you get to this point. I’m saying this because if you have stayed at Grand Floridian before, you probably haven’t had much reason to walk this far over. Unless your room was located on the far side of the water, it faces out to the Disney monorail like in the photo below.

We have finally made it over to the new walkway. So naturally, if you are staying at Grand Floridian, this will greatly benefit your vacation. You no longer have to worry about waiting on any form of transportation to get to and from Magic Kingdom.

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For me, the greatest plus is when leaving Magic Kingdom at closing. Think about all those crowds trying to get back to a resort or the Transportation and Ticket Center. You’ve waited in line all day long, and now you are exhausted with worn-out children clinging to your side. Or maybe you are just exhausted.

Now, there’s a wide, fresh-air walkway that will get you back across the lake to Grand Floridian in about 10 minutes. I don’t know about you, but I’ll choose to up my step count a little bit more for the day over standing in another long line.

Once you reach the outer edge of the Grand Floridian, you’ll begin to see the walkway to Magic Kingdom in the distance.

Every few moments there will be a Disney monorail gliding by overhead.

Initially, there’s a small bridge to cross.

You can tell from all the lamp poles, the walkway is very well lit in the evening as well.

In the distance, you can see the Contemporary Resort.

And as you move along there will be stunning views looking back to the Grand Floridian.

The next bridge you’ll come across is actually a draw bridge. It lifts to allow the Electrical Water Pageant to pass through at night. If you are interested in seeing the water pageant, Disney has a list of the times it passes by the different resorts in the evening here on their site.

Below is a look back from the bridge to see how far we’ve gone on our journey to Magic Kingdom.

More than likely, you’ll be able to see the water pageant on the opposite site of the bridge where it is stored during the day. You might not even realize what it is, but there’s a picture of it here to give you an idea.

It’s a pleasant walk, especially when the sun is shining.

The new walkway’s distance from the Grand Floridian to Magic Kingdom is about 7/10ths of a mile. I didn’t measure the distance exactly. But a cast member that works at the resort shared with me that’s what they had measured.

And after taking the walkway a handful of times now, I would agree that distance is fairly accurate. It takes me about 10 minutes to get to and from Magic Kingdom to Grand Floridian when walking at a steady pace.

Those staying next door at the Polynesian can also take advantage of this path. To walk from the Magic Kingdom to the Polynesian, you’ll need to continue past the Grand Floridian onto the tropical resort.

Those who opt to walk the Transportation and Ticket Center’s full distance to the Magic Kingdom can anticipate approximately a 30-minute walk. That is, if you are familiar with the area. The Transportation and Ticket Center connects to the Poly, then to Grand Floridian, and onward to Magic Kingdom.

I would not recommend trying this if you are not familiar with how the properties connect. Or if you are the kind of person that gets turned around inside your local mall that you’ve been visiting all of your life. Sorry, no offense.

It just kind of works out that way since all the properties connect. For those of you who enjoy the resorts and walking like me, you’ll fall in love with this new commute between the Grand Floridian and Magic Kingdom.

When you reach the Magic Kingdom, you’ll encounter a fenced-off area to your right. It appears there’s a good deal of landscaping still being completed. I anticipate the overall look changing some in the future.

Boats sail by along the way.

The walkway comes up alongside the new resort boat launch. And then, you’ll join the security area shared with guests visiting the Magic Kingdom via this boat launch. After heading through the security checkpoint, you’ll make your way up to the ticket turnstiles before entering the park.

When leaving the Magic Kingdom, the walkway will be to your right between the monorail lines and the boat launch. There will be a sign to help point you in the right direction.

The new Grand Floridian walkway connects the Grand Floridian Resort with the Magic Kingdom to give you a little recap. Guests staying at the Polynesian can also elect to walk over to the Grand Floridian and access the new walkway. Additionally, a walkway from the Polynesian connects the resort with the Transportation and Ticket Center.

Anyone looking for a scenic, peaceful walk (or possibly jog) will enjoy this area immensely. I highly recommend a sunset walk. Sunrise would probably be nice as well for those of you who are early birds.

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But the massive benefit is not having to rely on Disney transportation when using the new walkway from the Magic Kingdom to Grand Floridian!

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If you have any questions or thoughts about the new Grand Floridian walkway to Magic Kingdom, leave me a comment below!


  1. In my last two visits to the parks, the monorails were not operating. I had park hopper tickets too. Bummed.😷

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