Walking from Hollywood Studios to Epcot (via Disney’s Boardwalk)

If you’re planning to park-hop or stay in the Epcot Resorts area, you have several options for walking between Hollywood Studios and Epcot. The quickest walking option is the pathway between Epcot and Hollywood Studios via the Boardwalk.

We’ll take a virtual walk from Hollywood Studios to Epcot in this article. In addition, we’ll pass Disney’s Boardwalk along our walk and take in the views of stunning Crescent Lake.

I hope that if you have a trip planned (and like to walk), you’ll venture outside the standard transportation options at Disney and enjoy a walk instead. Walking is truly the best way to intimately learn your way around Disney World’s vast property.

Below is a photo with the specifics of the route we’ll take. You’ll notice that it’s a 1.1-mile walk between Hollywood Studios and Epcot.

On this day, it took 25 minutes to walk between the parks. Granted, I did pause here and there to take a few photos.

We’ll start at Hollywood Studios. Once you exit the park, you’ll walk past the Skyliner station toward the bus stop.

To the far left of the bus stops, a walking path begins near the waterway.

The majority of the walkway is in direct sun, so you might want to consider that.

However, there are a few shade trees along the way.

We’ll approach the overpass.

And continue underneath.

Here is a look back at how far we’ve gone.

And a look at what’s ahead of us.

When you come out from under the overpass, you’ll see the turn station for the Skyliner to your right.

And Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Resorts are visible in the distance.

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The Boardwalk Inn is to the immediate right.

If you’re staying at the Boardwalk, you can take any of these staircases to access your room. You’ll have to wind your way around the pool area.

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We’ll continue forward toward the bridge.

If staying at the Swan and Dolphin or the Swan Reserve, you’d take the bridge on your left to get back to your hotel.

Because I had half my senses this afternoon, I thought to pause here and screenshot how far I had walked. Therefore we have the following distances:

  • Hollywood Studios to Swan and Dolphin Bridge (0.65 miles)
  • Hollywood Studios to Boardwalk Inn (0.65 miles)

If you stay at Disney’s Beach Club or Yacht Club, you will continue straight across an upcoming bridge. Eventually, I’ll walk back that way and log the difference.

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Since we are going to Disney’s Boardwalk, we’ll take a hard right before the pair of bridges.

And the next thing you know, we’re out on the Boardwalk.

It’s a beautiful area, but there’s often confusion about touring the Boardwalk. The Boardwalk is fun, but there isn’t necessarily a ton of stuff to do here.

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The views of the Beach and Yacht Club in the distance are remarkable.

And the Boardwalk isn’t too shabby either.

We’ll continue along the Boardwalk.

And pass by the Friendship Boats. The boats are a pleasant alternative, but they take some time with all the stops.

But if you’re worn out at this point, Epcot is the next stop.

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Here is another look back at how far we’ve come. It’s always interesting to see the distance.

As we exit the Boardwalk, we’ll pass this gazebo area. It’s a beautiful venue.

And then we’ll walk up an incline as we cross the bridge to Epcot.

It’s not that steep. But if you’ve been walking for a while in the hot sun, you might get out of breath.

At the top of the bridge, you can look over toward the Beach and Yacht Club. The Beach Club is the pretty blue building on the right.

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And the opposite side looks out toward Epcot’s World Showcase.

We’ll take a hard right to access the International Gateway.

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Similar to Hollywood Studios, we’ll pass the Skyliner station for Epcot.

On another afternoon, I left Epcot and took the Skyliner to Hollywood Studios. For comparison, it took a total of 21 minutes.

Fortunately, I didn’t encounter any lines on that day. However, as you can see in the picture below, that’s not always the case.

And you will have to exit and change gondolas at one of the stops along the way. So make sure you’re familiar with the route.

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On the right-hand side of the International Gateway, you’ll see the Friendship Boat dock.

And at this point, you’ll go through security and enter the park. So here’s a recap of our journey.

It took 25 minutes and was a 1.1-mile walk from Hollywood Studios to Epcot via Disney’s Boardwalk.

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