Africa Marketplace at Food and Wine

Last year, Africa was one of my favorite Marketplaces at the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot. But this year, the favorite item that pushed this booth over the top for me didn’t make the menu.

Unfortunately, I haven’t heard great things about the booth this year. And having pictures of the Piri Piri shrimp already, it didn’t seem a wise investment to stop by.

As for location, Africa is not represented in the World Showcase, so it’s a booth you’ll have to be on the lookout for if you decide to try it. Nestled between the China Pavilion and Germany, it sits directly across the World Showcase promenade from Refreshment Port.

Africa Marketplace

2020 Africa Marketplace Menu

Here’s a look at the menu. The shrimp dish returns this year. Additionally, this is the same vegan bean dish served last year. But it appears to be worded a little bit differently on the menu.

Africa Marketplace Menu Epcot

And here’s a closer look at last year’s version of that same Piri Pir skewered shrimp. So this is what I had to say about the shrimp dish from last year.

“There is couscous on one side that will help cool you off when you bite into this spicy hot dish. I would recommend keeping a drink nearby. My shrimp was well seasoned and set my taste buds on fire. If you don’t like spicy food, it might be a pass.”

Piri Piri Skewered Shrimp at the Africa Marketplace

The beef dish was something exceptional here last year, but the cost of beef has gotten outrageous due to current economic conditions. Therefore, I’ll give them a pass for not including it. I can only imagine the price we’d have to pay if it had returned.

You are on your own with the bean dish.

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Return to Epcot Festivals. I hope you enjoy the Africa Marketplace!

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