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If there were going to be one booth at this year’s 2020 Food and Wine Festival that I wouldn’t recommend, it would be the Italy Marketplace. Maybe that’s unfair to say, but this particular booth has a reputation of being mediocre.

Epcot’s Italy Pavilion is my favorite of all the different pavilions in the World Showcase. But, unfortunately, the pavilion is lacking when it comes to festival offerings.

And I hate to say that because I haven’t tried this year’s version, but I have tried items here before that were not to my liking. Well, they did have a little meatball dish here a few years ago that was okay.

Suppose I were craving Italian food while at Epcot, I would go to Via Napoli. You can’t beat the food, menu, service, or prices there.

Review: Via Napoli at Epcot

When I initially perused the Italy Marketplace menu this year, I thought the La Classica tortellini dish sounded like a decent option to sample. However, after seeing a few pictures, I decided it wasn’t worth the $8.50 on appearances alone.

The flatbread doesn’t look like that fabulous of an option either. And these are also some of the highest-priced options at the festival this year.

Here’s the full menu with prices if you are interested in trying something. And if you do, try to wait until a line is formed outside the booth. While none of us like to wait, this tip does up the odds of receiving a fresher dish. You don’t want to be the victim of a pasta dish that’s been sitting underneath a heat lamp for quite some time.

Italy Marketplace Menu

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Do you ever stop in at the Italy Marketplace during the festival? What are your thoughts?

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