Staying Club Level at Disney’s Beach Club

Ever thought about spending a day or week on the concierge floor, also commonly referred to as club level at Walt Disney World? A club level stay at Disney’s Beach Club provides a chance to live the high life during your Disney vacation.

This review will cover the details, perks, and benefits of staying club level at Disney’s Beach Club. I’ve also added a section below that explains what club level at Disney is and answers many common questions.

Disney Beach Club Club Level

Club Level at Disney’s Beach Club

The first time I ever heard of staying club level at Walt Disney World, I was immediately intrigued. I began researching because it sounded like just the type of thing my family would enjoy. We were traveling to Disney quite a bit but had never heard of a club level experience.

As I began researching, I found there wasn’t a ton of valid or up-to-date information about staying club level. I even started checking an online forum that had a club level thread. Unfortunately, there weren’t many updates specific to the club level at Disney’s Beach Club.

If you’ve ever read my Disney’s Beach Club Resort Review, then you know it’s my favorite resort at Disney. At the time, I knew the resort fairly well and had still not discovered Stone Harbor Club. That’s the name of the lounge on the club level floor at the Beach Club.

When I pieced enough information about the club level together, I decided to reserve it for our next vacation. Five stays later on the club level at Beach Club; I can say we really enjoy it.

In fact, we feel like we have become pros at the whole club level experience thing. But keep in mind, club level is expensive. All of the perks come with a price. In this review, I hope to share with you some ideas on how to make the most out of your stay. I also hope our experience can help you determine if a stay here is right for you in the first place.

Additionally, I’ll share some thoughts and photos about the Stone Harbor Club Lounge. I’ll provide a few tips on things like how to space out dining reservations. We’ll also discuss how we like to get a dessert plate to stash in our room fridge for a late-night treat.

What is Club Level?

Club Level is a special access floor that Walt Disney World offers guests who book this room type. Club Level is offered at all of the Disney Deluxe Resorts. The Stone Harbor Club at Disney’s Beach Club is located on the 5th floor, and guests must have magic band privileges to access it.

When you enter the elevator, you will scan your magic band here on the interior display instead of selecting a floor. Then as you scan your band, the 5th-floor button automatically lights up. Occasionally, they do place club level guests on other floors to meet room requests. These guests will also have magic band privileges.

Club Level is kind of an all-day smorgasbord or grazing fest. The concierge offers five different services throughout the day during special hours. Soda, beverages, beer, and wine are also offered during the afternoon and evening hours.

Club Level Benefits

Here’s a list of some of the perks included with a club level stay:

  • Club Lounge Daily Services and Food Offerings
  • Turndown Service
  • Concierge Staff at Guests Disposal
  • Special Welcome

Checking in to the Club Level at Disney’s Beach Club

We first arrived on a Sunday morning at Disney’s Beach Club via our own car. We drove up to the entrance and had a bellman put our items on a luggage cart. The bellman will store your items until your room is ready. We had a little time to kill, so I decided to see if check-in was available early. I had alerted the staff through the My Disney Experience app that we would be arriving before standard check-in time.

Upon entering the hotel and heading over to the guest services desk, I was greeted by a resort manager. I was at the back of the line, and she asked me if she could help. For reference, club level guests are often greeted outside upon arrival when arriving via Magical Express. I assumed she had been alerted that we had come through the gate when we checked in to park our vehicle.

The manager quickly identified us as club level guests. One member of our party was parking the car, so we stood in the lobby and talked for a few moments waiting for his return. Then she personally escorted us up to Disney’s Beach Club’s club level on the 5th floor.

Upon arrival at the club level, we were greeted by two cast members sitting at desks outside the lounge. They presented us with this letter detailing the lounge hours and a few other considerations.

There are typically cast members at this desk from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. to help assist with any needs during your stay. This is considered your personal concierge service.

As far as the welcome letter, I would advise you to take a screenshot of the service times on your phone after receiving it. That way, you have a quick and easy reference to the service times for food and beverage offerings during the day.

There will certainly be times during your stay where you think you might want a dessert and can’t remember when dessert service starts. Some of the offerings are enough to make a small meal. This might help on days where maybe you’ve had a late lunch or have been snacking often and don’t have dining reservations planned.

Or you might sleep in like me after a late night at the Magic Kingdom and find yourself lying in bed, wondering if you can make it to the lounge for breakfast. If that’s the case, roll over, grab your phone, and refer to the screenshot.

Beach Club’s Club Level

Our room wasn’t quite ready upon arrival. With our luggage already stored at bell services, the cast member assisting us suggested we go into the lounge and pick up breakfast or beverages before it closed for change over.

After checking in at the resort, you are welcome to use the lounge at any time on the day of arrival and departure. That includes check-out day. The lounge is a nice place to relax if you are waiting on the Magical Express transportation to the airport. (Magical Express is ending in late 2021).

Another note here is that if you have brought any cold groceries with you, bell services will store them in a refrigerated area if your room is not yet ready.

Standard Club Level Room at Beach Club

Shortly after our arrival, we received a room-ready text notification. When I returned to the club level to check in to my room, I was immediately offered a welcome drink.

The welcome drink was a pink sparkling wine, I assume. One of the non-advertised perks is a welcome drink and something that should be offered when your room becomes available.

Our room number for this stay was Disney’s Beach Club 5714, in case you are looking up a room assignment before arrival. The view here was actually out toward the resort bus stop, but we had a glimpse of Spaceship Earth to our far right.

Unless you choose some sort of upgraded room, the club level floor rooms are the same as the rest of the resort. I’ve stayed in several rooms and can assure you there are no differences.

The bath area has a separate water closet with a tub/shower combination. This is a nice feature because anyone can get ready if the water closet is in use. There is a make-up mirror, and that’s also a plus.

Amusingly, the weather was quite overcast the first few days of our stay. The day the sun came out, a bottle of sunscreen appeared on our toiletry tray. This was something new to me that we hadn’t experienced on previous stays.

Club level also had some neat items like Q-tips, aloe, and foot cream in the mix. All the usual toiletry items were there as well.

Here is a look at that balcony with room for two people and a small side table.

Another item I wanted to mention is we found a box of Ganachery chocolates and the kindest note from the manager on our arrival.

These kinds of things are so unexpected and appreciated when they happen. It’s that extra touch that solidifies our stays at the Walt Disney World Resort. No, these kinds of things don’t happen all the time, but we are not soon to forget when they do.

For those that don’t know, the Ganachery is a specialty chocolate store located at Disney Springs. So it’s really a nice way for the company to support a local business. If you are interested in good chocolate, make sure to stop at their Disney Springs location sometime on your vacation.

Club Level Service at Disney

The different services offered during the course of our stay included:

  • Coffee
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Light Snacks
  • Hors d’oeuvres & Select Beverages
  • Desserts and Cordials

The Stone Harbor Club Lounge has a tremendous seating area. Some people like to enjoy food in their rooms, while others prefer the lounge. We typically like to prepare a plate and head back to the room with it.

Disney’s Beach Club Club Level Offerings

Here is a preview of a few items we had throughout the week of our stay. For breakfast, a daily quiche is available. This day we had Canadian bacon and cheddar.

There were plenty of pastries.

Meats and cheese are also available.

Afternoon snacks below.

A few healthy options with raw veggies and dip.

These snack mix items are really worth trying.

A different hot soup is offered nightly.

Every evening a chef’s special is present among the offerings. Some of the offerings we had over the course of our stay were:

  • Beef and Onion Jam Crostini
  • New England seafood roll
  • Bacon-wrapped scallops
  • Mac-and-cheese with toppings

Here are a few more items.

Ceviche Style Poached Shrimp

Tuna Poke in a Waffle Cone

Red and Yellow Tomato Mozzarella Salad

Chicken nuggets with dipping sauces, a family favorite.


Cupcakes and Sweet Treats

There are so many options.

I like to sample all the different items. Then you’ll find yourself looking for “more of” that favorite thing you had the previous evening.

These little dishes are a coconut panna cotta with a pineapple compote.

There’s also a variety of drink offerings.

Coffee is available throughout the day in the lounge. There were always plenty of flavorings.

At dinner, a cast member will be out providing wine and beer fr guests. Then during the late service, a tray of cordials will appear. A cast member will pour your selection.

If we going to be out to be out late, I like to come by the lounge and prepare an early dessert and grab a few glasses of wine to take back to the room. We store the dessert in the room fridge with a few napkins to cover it up.

Often if we stay out for fireworks, the lounge will be closed by the time we get back to our room. Try to keep these types of things in mind. I really enjoy taking a break in the early evening and having dinner in the lounge. Then staying long enough to get dessert before heading out for fireworks.

These kinds of things are really enjoyable to us, but we are also spoiled to visit the parks often. For those that are trying to maximize their time in the parks or have a ton of dining reservations, this upgrade might not be necessary or beneficial.

Turndown Service at Disney’s Beach Club

Disney’s Beach Club club level offers a neat little thing called turndown service. This is a daily service that is provided on the club level. One of the housekeeping cast members will come by your room, usually between 5-7:00 p.m.

A cast member would turn down the covers of your bed or remake it if you had a nap during the day. They will also check and replace any towels or linens you have used since your first housekeeping service.

For an added special touch, mousekeeping leaves packages of Ghirardelli chocolates on your pillows. I know it might sound a little silly, but if you are in your room when they come by, you can always pass on the service if desired.

Someone at the very least will offer you a handful of chocolates at the door for later. Personally, I appreciate having fresh towels on hand while I’m on vacation. We also like our room to be somewhat tidy and have a sense of order, so turndown service is appreciated.

Daily Information Sheets

Upon arrival to your room each evening, you’ll find information sheets under your door for the next day. I ended up taking a screenshot of these as well for easy reference. It’s a good way to reference your schedule without having to open the My Disney Experience app.

These sheets tell your scheduled FastPass+ plans for the next day, forecasted weather, insider information, and a few personalized tips.

For instance, this sheet gave a free tutorial on using the My Disney Experience app to use mobile order. It also mentioned that if we encountered rainy weather, the Disney Pixar Short Film Festival and Turtle Talk with Crush might be good indoor options.

Final Thoughts on Staying Club Level at Disney’s Beach Club

This pretty much sums up the service and amenities level you will find staying club level at Disney’s Beach Club. You can expect to receive top-notch service from the cast members on the club level floor.

There is a wealth of food provided at Stone Harbor Club throughout the day as well.

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Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on staying club level at Disney.

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