Disney’s Beach Club Refurbishment Updates 2023 (New Photos of Finishing Touches)

In this article, we visit Disney’s Beach Club to preview the 2023 refurbishment progress. This refurbishment was scheduled to last through late Fall. As of this last update in late September, it appears most of the work at the resort has been completed.

Disney’s Beach Club Resort and Villas recently underwent a soft goods refurbishment. This is when resort rooms get a refresh without receiving a complete makeover.

With this refurbishment, we saw subtle changes in the standard resort rooms, like solid surface floors replacing carpet, new carpet, new sofa daybeds, new curtains, and new artwork. New artwork features Donald Duck, Daisy, and the nephews enjoying the Beach Club and Storm-Along Bay.

Speaking of Storm-Along Bay, it was announced that the pool area would close between January 2025 and May 2025 for routine maintenance. That’s a bit far out, but if you visit the resort often, you might want to plan around these dates.

Disney Beach Club Lobby before refurbishment

Disney’s Beach Club Resort Renovation

Initially, the refurbishment began at Disney’s Beach Club Villas. From my understanding, the fourth and fifth level of the villa side of the resort is complete. Levels one through three are now in the process of being completed.

September 28, 2023 Update: Below, we’ve added new photos of the Beach Club’s lobby, floral arrangements, the Solarium, and the Drawing Room.

Beach Club Lobby Updates

Here are a few photos of the former lobby.

seating area in Beach Club lobby before refurbishment

It is a beautiful lobby. However, the furniture and rugs were showing signs of wear and tear.

carpet stains on rug in Beach Club lobby

It wouldn’t be a trip to the Beach Club without stopping for a photo of the hidden Mickey in the resort’s stunning floral arrangement.

former floral arrangement in Beach Club lobby

Both the check-in counters and bell service areas opened on September 1st! Hopefully, this area won’t be the entirety of the lobby update. But it looks fabulous.

new check-in area at Disney's Beach Club

Here are a few more photos:

Beach Club lobby artwork
new bell services desk at Disney's Beach Club lobby
Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Pluto featured in artwork at Disney's Beach Club
Close up of the new artwork at Disney's Beach Club Resort
Check-in Desk
Overall view of the Beach Club check-in
Donald and Daisy Duck featured on the beach in artwork at Disney's Beach Club
Donald's nephews

I cannot say enough good things about the updates to the check-in and bell services area. However, the rest of the lobby still appears somewhat hodge-podge compared to these updates. (Thankfully, a few updates have brought everything together, as you will see further down.)

Here are a few photos taken on September 1st. The center table has been replaced along with the rug underneath. This is a nice carpet, but it doesn’t marry the vibrant color scheme in the halls with the pastels in the check-in area.

new rug at Disney's Beach Club

One can only assume that these other rugs and spaces are only temporary. The new rugs are entirely too small for the space, and the colors are all exceptionally bland.

new furniture in Beach Club lobby

These chairs….are unique.

new chairs in Beach Club lobby

This area wasn’t so bad. But it all feels a bit disjointed.

furniture in Beach Club lobby

Here is a look at everything close together. Things don’t necessarily have to be matchy-matchy. But each space looks entirely different.

Okay, we stopped in again the last week of September, and I can assure you that things have improved in the Beach Club’s lobby. Here’s an overall look at the lobby. It looked so much better than our last visit.

Disney's Beach Club lobby after updates

All of the floral arrangements remain the same. However, pinks and reds have been changed out for peach and coral. You might also notice new rugs have been added.

new rug and new flowers at Disney's Beach Club
Beach Club floral bouquets

The same goes for the centerpiece arrangement. It still has the beautiful hidden Mickey detail.

new colors with a peach palette at Disney's Beach Club

The new colors work really well.

hidden Mickey in the florals at Disney's Beach Club

Everything complements each other.

floral arrangement in Beach Club lobby

New Carpets and Paint Colors in Hallways

Here is a photo of the new carpets in the resort’s hallways.

Before we visit the villas, let’s look at what’s new on the resort side. I took the lobby stairs up to the resort’s second floor.

Beach Club doesn’t have much of a second-floor lobby. A few seats are spread out around the area that looks down to the main lobby.

new carpet at Disney's Beach Club

We see fresh paint and a gorgeous new carpet.

hallway with new paint colors at Disney's Beach Club

It will be interesting to see what changes are made below. But I think this new carpet complements the resort’s stunning French limestone floors.

Looking down the stairs to the former lobby design at Disney's Beach Club

This elevator lobby will give you a better idea.

new carpet in elevator lobby

Around the corner, we see a larger piece of the carpet with coral, shells, and sea life. The carpet looks a little lighter here due to the light coming in from a window and editing.

sitting area with updates off the second floor of Disney's Beach Club

As someone who loved the previous carpet and colors, I found the new palette to be just as aesthetically pleasing.

new hotel door colors at Disney's Beach Club

Here are a few more photos.

Updates include new paint at Disney's Beach Club.
A sitting area on the second floor of Disney's Beach Club
Artwork at Disney's Beach Club
hotel room door
elevator lobby

The Solarium

The Solarium was closed for an extensive refurbishment.

Solarium Closed

Here are a few before photos.

Former Solarium decor
Benches in the Solarium at Disney's Beach Club
Sitting area in the Solarium
Former seating in the Solarium

New Beach Club Solarium Photos

We saw two significant changes in the Solarium. First, the hardwood flooring has been replaced. While this isn’t the same beautiful hardwood, it was beyond the point of refinishing. The artwork in the main hall remains the same.

New Solarium with fresh paint and flooring

Most of the furniture has been recovered. Everything has a fresh, beachy vibe.

new furniture coverings

Here are a few more photos of the new Solarium.

new rugs and some new furniture
artwork featuring Donald and Daisy Duck on the beach
updated seating area in the Solarium
new rugs and tables
new wicker chairs
new tables

Disney’s Beach Club Villas Renovation

We already visited the Beach Club Villas to see its lobby updates last month. But here are a few photos to remind you.

seating arrangement in Beach Club Villas
banquette with tables

Since that visit, the Drawing Room has been completed. It was closed for remodeling when we were last there.

The Drawing Room at Beach Club Villas

It turned out nicely.

table and chairs
new furnishings
close up of children's table and chairs
new florals in Beach Club Villas
new furniture in Beach Club Villas
new decor in Beach Club Villas
pool table in Beach Club Villas

Overall, the construction and refurbishment at Disney’s Beach Club is well underway. We’ll revisit the resort in the coming weeks and months to see the outcome of these other projects.

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