China Marketplace at Epcot Food and Wine

Continuing our journey through the 2020 Taste of Epcot Food and Wine Festival, we make a stop at the China Marketplace. The China Pavilion’s booth has two menu items, both savory dishes, at this time. You’ll also find a few reasonably strong drinks here, but not as many options as standard.

Below is a look at the festival booth. One of the things I have yet to mention is that there are plexiglass dividers between you and the cast member taking your order at all the booths.

Additionally, there are all new disposable silverware containers at each booth. They are a lot better than before, where you pull a lever and reach your hand down into the area to retrieve it. Hopefully, these will be here to stay in the future.

China Marketplace at Epcot

We have a look below at the menu posted outside the festival booth.

China Menu 2020 Epcot Food and Wine

You might be surprised at just how limited the menus are at the Food and Wine Festival. However, it does appear that some of the other booths will open more towards the Fall. Most of them have banners that say “coming soon” or “coming in the Fall.” I can only imagine that Disney is trying to see how things go before committing to more options.

As far as the China marketplace goes, the food items I have ordered thus far were terrific. But this Happy Peach drink below, not so much. China is known for its strong alcohol pours, or so it seems from my few experiences.

While I don’t often indulge in this type of thing, I thought I would try it because I love peach.

Happy Peach drink at Epcots China Marketplace

Upon the first sip, I nearly spit it out. It tasted like pure cough syrup. But then I remembered that when I had purchased a drink here last year, the cast member had instructed me to stir it before tasting. So I gave it a good stir, and it was much improved.

However, I couldn’t get past that faint taste of cough syrup that lingered. The peach flavor was barely present in my drink. I immediately felt like I wasted a total of $11.50 on this drink because I ended up trashing nearly the entire beverage. So I wouldn’t recommend it.

On an opposite note, the Mongolian Beef Bao Bun became another festival favorite. Again, looking at it, I didn’t think too much of it. But it was genuinely flavorful. And this is one that I ended up completely devouring.

On my initial lap around the World Showcase, a guest saw me taking photos of the booth and even stopped to tell me how good this dish was.

 China Mongolian Bao Bun

The bao bun is extremely fluffy but yet still light. The meat was well seasoned and tender, and there were a few onions involved, but nothing overpowering. The bao was probably one of the most well-balanced dishes I tasted on my first visit.

So pick up the bun here, maybe the dumplings, and skip the drink. If you decide to give the drink a try, don’t forget to stir it!

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So, does anything at the China Marketplace look good to you? Leave a comment with your picks down below.

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