Shimmering Sips Marketplace Review at Epcot’s 2022 Food and Wine Festival

If pink is your favorite color (or not), you will want to stop at the Shimmering Sips Marketplace during Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. The booth returns in 2022 with a fresh take on dessert and a selection of mimosas.

In the past, Shimmering Sips has been a go-to stop for mimosas, a strawberry soft-serve, and a hit-or-miss plant-based banana bread dessert. While the mimosas remain, a new offering has replaced both dessert items.

Shimmering Sips Marketplace is located across the walkway from the Friendship Boat dock along the World Showcase Plaza. The booth sits on the right before you get to the Canada Pavilion.

Let’s look at your options.

Shimmering Sips Marketplace Menu

The menu items for the Shimmering Sips Marketplace include the following:

  • Guava Mousse ($4.75)
  • Corkcicle Stemless Flute ($21.00)
  • Dasani Bottled Water ($3.50)
  • Tropical Mimosa ($6.50)
  • Key Lime Mimosa ($6.50)
  • Blood Orange Mimosa ($6.50)
  • Berry Sour Ale Mimosa ($9.00)
  • Mimosa Flight ($14.00)

Additionally, the Remy Spork was available here for $2.50. It is available at select marketplaces throughout the festival while supplies last.

Guava Mousse

Did I have expectations for the guava mousse? Absolutely not. In fact, I didn’t know what to think as I stared down at the bright pink dish before me.

The mousse is bright pink and served straight out of the refrigerator. After enjoying this on a hot July evening, I noted that I preferred desserts served cold this time of year.

The mousse is delectable, but what about the flavor profile? It’s hard to explain, but this guava mousse is a neutral flavor that leans sweet and refreshing.

When you cut into the mousse, you’re greeted by a light pinkish-grey filling that’s not nearly as appealing as the coating. Although, in hindsight, I realize the pink coating spiffs the mousse up a bit.

The menu description for the topping describes the topping as fresh-whipped cream with lime and coconut. For my dish, there wasn’t any lime flavoring. However, I enjoyed the toasted coconut sprinkled over it.

Additionally, the menu says the mousse sits on a sugar cookie base. I would call the base a shortbread cookie bar. Make sure to grab a fork and a knife when you pick up this dish.

While the cookie crust is tasty, it’s substantial. I had to break mine apart rather forcefully to try it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t pick up the stemless Corkcicle. But if you want to try out one of the Corkcicle products, this would probably be a reasonable opportunity.

Mimosa Flight

Several mimosas return, including the mimosa flight. It’s been on the menu since the Shimmering Sips booth debuted a few years back.

Here’s my review from that first year. These items haven’t changed:

“The one on the far right is the Tropical Mimosa and the sweetest of the bunch. It is made with a passion fruit and guava mix. It reminded me of the POG juice they serve at’Ohana or Boma, except sparkling wine is added. This one indeed has a lot of sugar content.

The middle is the Key Lime Mimosa, and while an excellent in-between option, it reminds me of a children’s juice box. Maybe a juice box like one that has a mix of apple with grape juice. None of these drinks were strong by any means.

Finally, the more bitter of the bunch is the Blood Orange Mimosa on the far left. This one is your not-so-sweet option as far as taste goes. The blood orange and sparkling wine mix made for an excellent finish to the pairing.

As far as Shimmering Sips goes, the Guava Mousse is a vibrant, cool, and refreshing dessert. It also makes for a pretty photo. At less than $5.00, it’s a bargain compared to many other items.

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