Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This article discusses Toy Story Land at the Walt Disney World Resort.

“There’s a snake in my boot!” Can’t you hear Woody’s voice as someone pulls his string, and he lets out one of his programmed statements?

You will surely hear that phrase and many more when you visit Toy Story Land at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Toy Story Land is located in the back of Disney’s Hollywood Studios near Galaxy’s Edge.

This review will cover everything you need to know for planning a visit to Toy Story Land. We’ll discuss attractions, characters, dining options, and other essential planning details.

This review was last updated for 2023 vacation planning.

Toy Story Land is truly the most adorable addition to the Disney Parks. When you visit, expect to be surrounded by vibrant colors, day or night. And I promise, there will be plenty of little green aliens.

You might even see a green army man here or there. Speaking of green army men, guests are invited to shrink down to the size of a toy and consider themselves an honorary toy while visiting!

So right this way, partners! It’s time for a rootin’ tootin’ shootin’ roundup of everything you need to know about Toy Story Land for your Walt Disney World vacation.

Toy Story Land Review

When you arrive at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you’ll find two separate entrances and exits for accessing Toy Story Land. The main entrance is around the corner from Walt Disney Presents and the former Pixar Place.

That’s where you’ll run into Woody leaning up against the Toy Story Land sign.

Additionally, the secondary entrance for Toy Story Land is past Alien Swirling Saucers. This entrance is connected to Galaxy’s Edge.

Toy Story Land is similar to what you would expect from the original Toy Story film. The idea is that you have stepped into Andy’s backyard.

You can expect to see classic toys including a Rubik’s cube, a Tinkertoy set, a Slinky, and more in the backyard. Oh, and there are little green army men everywhere.

You might even notice Andy’s footprint stamped into the concrete if it’s not too crowded. However, while there are many references from the Toy Story movies, there are a few things you won’t find. For instance, there’s no Pizza Planet or Al’s Toy Barn.

However, you will find several attractions, including the original Toy Story Midway Mania, Slinky Dog Dash, and Alien Swirling Saucers.

Additionally, Toy Story Land has a quick-service dining location, Woody’s Lunchbox. Eventually, we will see a table service restaurant, Roundup Rodeo BBQ.

Currently, that location is under construction right past the main entrance to the land. Per the Disney Parks Blog, Roundup Rodeo BBQ is expected to open in Spring of 2023.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect to encounter at Toy Story Land.

Slinky Dog Dash

Slinky Dog Dash is a fan-favorite roller coaster and headliner attraction. This ride has stolen the hearts of many park-goers with its fun-theming and gentle tickle-your-tummy drops.

Not to mention its little wagging tail and Slinky body. You might remember that Slinky Dog was one of Andy’s toys in the movies.

In Toy Story Land, Andy has built a track for Slinky in the backyard from a Mega Coaster Play Kit. You’ll probably notice some of the extra pieces laying around the queue.

I never anticipated loving this attraction as much as I do. When the concept was first introduced to the parks, I only assumed it would be a gentle kiddie coaster similar to Barnstormer over at Magic Kingdom.

When I first rode Slinky Dog Dash, I knew that I had discredited it poorly in advance. Somehow, it’s managed to become one of my favorite rides.

Expect gentle drops and scenic views of the surrounding theme park in the distance.

Slinky goes through one section on the right-hand side before pausing in the middle. Then he soars back up the tracks before encountering three small hills back to back. You really can’t help but smile or laugh while riding.

Toward the end, you will encounter Wheezy offering a rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” He even has a Partly Cloudy book providing him with more shade than you will probably ever find in Toy Story Land.

Slinky Dog Dash is eligible for Disney’s Genie+ system.

If Slinky Dog Dash is a top priority for your family, I recommend riding it first thing in the morning or last in the evening. This attraction would also be one of my first Genie+ selections to reserve if the time wasn’t far out.

You might be surprised to find that this attraction meets some of the longest wait times at Hollywood Studios.

While the land is child-friendly, you’ll want to know that this roller coaster does have a height requirement of 38″. I’ve often witnessed cast members re-checking heights right before guests board. So make sure they meet the mark before getting in line.

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Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Mania is the original Toy Story-themed ride at Hollywood Studios. However, it does have a new entrance inside Toy Story Land.

Midway Mania is a bit of a gentle spinning ride to some degree with 3D effects and a gaming system. In addition, there’s no height requirement to ride Toy Story Mania.

Toy Story Midway Mania is eligible for Disney Genie+.

It’s important to note that most of the queue for this attraction is inside. So if you are in Toy Story Land and it begins to rain, this is usually the quickest place to seek shelter.

Additionally, it’s the perfect attraction to experience during the hottest portion of the day. You can also experience this ride easily during the rain because it doesn’t close.

Orlando gets a lot of rain during the hotter months, especially late afternoon. So keep this one in your back pocket if the skies start to cloud up during your visit.

Additionally, I’ve found good luck with riding Toy Story Mania at the end of the evening. Usually, you can get in line about one hour before the park closes for lower-than-average wait times.

If you are touring the parks later in the evening, try the following:

On a 9:00 p.m. close, ride Toy Story Mania via standby at around 8:00 p.m. Then, if time permits, get in line before the park closes for Slinky Dog Dash. As long as you enter the queue before the park closes, you can ride that attraction and exit the park after completion.

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Alien Swirling Saucers

Our last stop is none other than Buzz Lightyear’s Alien Swirling Saucers. This is an attraction that spins. But it spins in more of a hoisting motion than an actual direct spin.

For reference, this attraction was modeled after Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree in Cars Land at Disneyland.

What I mean by that is the attraction kind of throws you out in your alien vehicle and then pulls you back in as it moves you around the floor of the ride. Each alien car is positioned around a central element like a claw.

So, you work your way around each element as you move around the entirety of the ride floor throughout the experience. There is a 32″ height requirement to ride Alien Swirling Saucers.

Alien Swirling Saucers is eligible for Disney Genie+. However, this particular experience has not proven to be as popular as others.

Part of the queue for Swirling Saucers is covered, and you can see going into the line if you will be in the exterior or interior section in the event of rain. Just like Slinky Dog Dash, Alien Swirling Saucers will close in the event of inclement weather.

But this attraction continues to operate during light rain. The ride portion of Swirling Saucers is in a covered area. However, you will meet the outdoor elements again as soon as you exit.

Above, you can see your alien vehicle driver positioned (almost rickshaw-like) in front of you. This little guy will pull you around the floor.

Warning, there will be a lot of “Oohs” and “Ahhs.” He will do everything he can to prevent you from becoming a victim of the claw.

Here is a little better view.

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Toy Story Land Rides and Rules

Like everywhere else, there are a few things you’ll want to consider when planning your vacation. For starters, children (like adults) sometimes have difficulty being patient in line.

Therefore, it’s essential to have a plan for everyone’s sanity, including yours, to keep children entertained during the wait.

Additionally, sometimes nature calls in the wake of very long lines. See a cast member for a restroom pass so you can secure your place in line in the event of an emergency restroom break.

Additionally, Disney policy requires that all guests ages seven years or younger be accompanied by a guest 14 years or older on rides. The exact wording on their site is:

Children should be supervised. Guests under age 14 must be accompanied by a Guest age 14 or older to enter a theme park or water park. To board an attraction, children under age 7 must be accompanied by a person age 14 years or older. (Reference Here)

For example, I ran into this a few years ago when my niece was 6 years old and my son was 13 years old.

At the time, I felt my son was responsible enough to escort my niece on some rides like the Teacups or Barnstormer. My idea was to stand at the exit waiting for them. However, they were both shy of the age requirement to ride together (without me).

Cast members do an excellent job of noticing parties of children and will ask them their ages upon entry or at the ride load. Thankfully, when my niece visited with us the following year, they were both eligible to experience some attractions together while I waited.

As already mentioned in the event of lightning some attractions will close. However, if there is light rain, most will stay open.

Even with a poncho, you will end up fairly soaked if the skies decide to open up mid-ride. Ask me how I know this.

Toy Story Land Meet and Greets

Several characters meet in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As of late, we’ve seen Sheriff Woody, Cowgirl Jesse, and Buzz Lightyear meeting in Toy Story Land.

Woody and Jesse meet guests outside the entrance of Toy Story Midway Mania. This is an exterior meet, so they will leave in the event of inclement weather.

On our last visit, we waited over 30 minutes to meet the pair. They usually meet for 20 minutes or so at a time and then take small five-minute breaks.

So if you see them leave while you’re waiting, stay put. They will return shortly and you will get to meet them.

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Buzz Lightyear meets outside in front of Slinky Dog Dash. His meet-and greet is on the right after you enter Toy Story Land from the main entrance.

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Additionally, you might run into Buzz Lightyear at Magic Kingdom. Often, he’s out on the Tomorrowland stage during the day.

Unfortunately, the only real downside is that all the character meets in Toy Story Land are outside. So in the event of rain, there isn’t a good meet-and-greet location.

Additionally, there is no real shade while you’re waiting to meet these characters. If characters are a priority on your vacation, consider meeting them early or as late as possible. There times are listed in the My Disney Experience app.

Bo Peep formerly met alongside Woody at Toy Story Land. However, her character meet was a limited time offering when Toy Story 4 was released.

Other popular character meets at the park include:

Dining Options at Toy Story Land

In the future, there will be two dining options at Toy Story Land. But as of this time, there is only one, Woody’s Lunchbox.

Like most everything else in the land, Woody’s Lunchbox is an outdoor eatering offering items like grilled cheese, totchos, sandwiches, and soup. They also have a tasty BBQ brisket melt.

Woody’s Lunchbox looks like a lunch box with a lid hanging overhead to protect the order area. You can preview their current menu here.

There are two registers ahead of the pick-up window. To the side of the register, you might notice a thermos holding up one side of the lunch box lid.

Below is the menu for lunch and dinner. Woody’s Lunchbox also offers a breakfast menu if you find yourself here in the earlier part of the day. That lunch box tart is a pretty popular item.

Unfortunately, seating is sparse at this outdoor eatery, with only a few shaded tables available.

The theming is all very on-point, with the idea of it being in Andy’s backyard. However, it seems like there would have been an excellent opportunity for shade trees, though, with it being a backyard.

In addition, a new dining location, Round-Up Rodeo BBQ, is expected to open in 2023.

Toy Story Land at Night

If you are doing an entire day plan at Studios, then you must take the opportunity to tour the area not only during the daytime but evening as well. Toy Story Land takes on an entirely different feel and landscape as the day turns to dusk.

You don’t notice this during the day with all of the loud, primary colors. But the glow appeal at night is spectacular.

And Slinky Dog Dash has an entirely different look and feel after sunset. Even the little “Hang On!” pause and “Go!” lights up in fun colors as you blast off again!

Just look at Jessie and Rex stringing up lights in Andy’s backyard. Pause here on your visit to listen to the vocals provided as Slinky Dog dashes by them.

For reference, here are two similar pictures. The photo above shows off how the lights glow in the evening. Below is the same spot during the daytime.

If you are working on a general layout of your touring plan, I recommend starting with Toy Story Land closer to the park opening. Then you can come through again anytime after sunset in coordination with touring Galaxy’s Edge in the evening.

Green Army Men in Toy Story Land

As far as Toy Story Land entertainment goes, you will more than likely hear beating drums at some point. Typically the green army men march through the land at various places and stop to perform an act.

Here is a video of the Green Army Men at Toy Story Land.

Make sure to try and see them if you catch them out. Their times are listed in the entertainment section of the My Disney Experience app.

Additionally, you will find that Andy has scattered green army men all over his backyard. Be on the lookout for them! Below, one appears to be covertly moving a snack from Woody’s Lunch Box.

I always think this one is mocking all of us staring at our phones. No one remembers that phones were meant to be communication devices.

Restrooms in Toy Story Land

Because I am a mom and completely understand that when your kid says they have to go, it’s usually last minute. So, I thought I would throw in the restroom location.

Toy Story Land has one restroom, and it’s relatively easy to locate. They are past Woody’s Lunch Box on the left-hand side, right before the exit that heads into Galaxy’s Edge.

Final Thoughts on Toy Story Land

This review has covered everything I can think of that you need to know about touring Toy Story Land. The land is an excellent addition to the park and an entertaining area for children.

The main issue you might encounter here is that there’s a lack of shade from the sun and shelter in the event of rain. So make sure to tour with these items in mind and adjust your plans properly if needed.

And remember, Toy Story Mania is going to be your closest place to seek interior shelter if it were to start raining sporadically.

Slinky Dog Dash will be a must-do ride along with Toy Story Mania for most families. Alien Swirling Saucers is fun, but you won’t leave feeling disappointed if you can’t work it into your schedule.

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So, are you looking forward to planning a visit to Disney World’s Toy Story Land in 2023? What is your favorite ride here? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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