The Pools at Disney’s All-Star Movies

In this article, we visit Disney’s All-Star Movies to preview the pools. We’ll look at photos of the pools, discuss hours of operation, and other details for each pool.

Altogether, All-Star Movies has two pools, a feature pool and a leisure pool. All-Star Movies feature pool is based on the animated classic Fantasia. While the quiet pool is themed to The Mighty Ducks films.

Below, we’ll preview both pools at Disney’s All-Star Movies. Then you can decide whether the resort’s feature or quiet pool is suitable for your group. Or you might spend some time at both during your stay.

Not only do the pools at All-Star Movies offer fun theming, but they also provide the perfect place to relax before or after a day in the parks. And children tend to enjoy making a splash at the pool while the adults rest.

Since All-Star Movies is a value resort, it has one feature pool and one quiet pool. The resort’s grounds are laid out similarly to the other two All-Star Resorts.

For reference, the three All-Star value resorts are Sports, Music, and Movies. They are all located in the Animal Kingdom Resort Area and sit side-by-side.

The only difference between each resort is the theming. For example, everything is themed to movies at Disney’s All-Star Movies, including the pool.

First, let’s look at the resort’s feature pool, The Fantasia Pool. It’s themed to look like a movie theater.

At the back of the pool, there’s framing for the stage. This is where a large fountain of Sorcerer Mickey sits. It makes for a fun water spray element.

You may remember the pool at All-Star Music is shaped like a guitar and features a similar water spray element.

Unfortunately, there are no water slides at any of the value resorts.

The maximum pool depth is around 5′ deep. Pool hours were between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. on this visit.

However, those hours can vary, given the time of year. Make sure to check the exact pool hours during your visit. They’ll be posted at the resort.

Additionally, there are lifeguards at both resort pools at All-Star Movies. Life jackets are available at every pool at Disney World.

All-Star Movies offers several recreational activities by the pool. These activities usually include a pair of cast members at the pool for a few hours each afternoon. In addition, they’ll play a few games and trivia with the children at the pool.

There are a few extra-cost craft items throughout the week, like making tie-dye t-shirts or DIY ears. These will be listed on the resort’s recreation calendar.

While I haven’t participated in the tie-dye shirt activity, I’ve been told that you’ll want to have enough days for the shirt to dry out if you’re flying. If not, you’ll need to wrap it up well in your suitcase.

Movies Under the Stars are also held at The Reel Spot instead of the pool. The Reel Spot is located close to the lobby, which is only a few steps away from the Fantasia Pool.

Behind the Fantasia Pool, there’s a separately fenced kiddie pool and water play area.

Here is the kiddie pool.

A splash pad is available on the opposite side of the kiddie pool. Children can easily move from one to the other.

There are several covered tables with chairs in the immediate area.

Additionally, the laundry room sits immediately in front of the splash pad.

You can always do a little laundry while you’re at the pool if needed.

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Next, we’ll preview the Duck Pond, the secondary pool at All-Star Movies.

This entire wing of the resort is themed to The Mighty Ducks. The pool is designed to look like a hockey rink, except it’s a rectangle.

The Duck Pond Pool has a maximum depth of 5′.

Restrooms and a laundry room are located outside the pool area. These buildings are themed to look like locker rooms.

And Goofy is guarding the net down on one end of the pool.

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