Disney’s Grand Floridian at Christmas

We’re stopping in for a visit to check out Disney’s Grand Floridian at Christmas. The Victorian-themed resort is a must-stop on our holiday resort tour.

For those who have visited Disney during the holiday season, you know there’s Christmas, and then there’s a Grand Floridian Christmas. Between the tree, florals, and gingerbread house, there’s so much to see during your visit.

Typically, a Grand Floridian Christmas is associated with the massive, life-size gingerbread house in the resort’s lobby. Thankfully the house returned in 2021 and is themed to Walt Disney World’s 50th-anniversary celebration.

If you would like to view only photos of the gingerbread house check out the article below.

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This post will mainly share a few holiday photos from the Grand Floridian Resort.

On the day I took these photos, I had breakfast at the Contemporary Resort, and my intent was to visit Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately, it had been raining that morning, and the weather still looked a little iffy.

So I ended up taking the monorail around to the Transportation and Ticket Center. My idea was to walk from there, if possible, all the way to Magic Kingdom. You may or may not be aware there’s a new walkway from the Grand Floridian over to the park.

Anyway, as I walked to the Polynesian the sun had come out. The weather was a pleasant 70 degrees on this late morning. I found myself not in a hurry to get anywhere.

I actually enjoy my resort time at Walt Disney World probably more than about anywhere else on the property. When I finally made it over from the Polynesian to the Grand Floridian, hardly anyone was there.

I had a day scheduled later in the week to take Grand Floridian Christmas photos. But as you will see, this turned out to be the perfect opportunity instead.

Some days don’t turn out the way we intend. However, I find that trying to go with the flow of things usually gets me right where I need to be.

The garland that is strung above the Grand Floridian’s entrance kind of makes you feel special in a way like it was done entirely just for you. Or maybe it was because I was the only one out there.

The sun shining through on the garden of poinsettias made me want to sit out there all afternoon.

Mixed with the palm trees and greenery against the white backdrop of the resort, the whole look is striking.

Inside you’ll be greeted by more poinsettias and the resort’s feature tree.

Two smaller trees flank the resort’s inlaid initials past the entrance.

Here are a few photos of the Grand Floridian Christmas trees from the entrance with their decorations.

The contrast of the colors works really well together.

Normally, you will find jaw-dropping arrangements of fresh flowers in the resorts. But the poinsettias are a nice substitute for the time being.

The bells make me think of the carols usually sung in the lobby of the Grand Floridian at Christmas. And sadly, the loss of the Grand Floridian Orchestra this year.

The swans mean a lot to me.

They remind me of much-needed love, care, and grace.

Looking up, the feature tree stands tall as though it’s climbing to the light.

You could stand here for a while and admire all the different decorations.

It’s hard to believe these were all taken around lunchtime on a weekday in December.

We’ll make our way up to the second floor of the Grand Floridian for a few more Christmas photos.

The grand staircase is draped to perfection.

So many little details tucked in each strand.

There are arrows everywhere at Disney. I find myself saying, “oops”, a good bit when I’m there lately. Wrong way.

I thought this photo turned out nice. One day, I imagine it will be interesting to look back on these.

Maybe, I’ll have some then and now review and let everyone decide whether they like people in the photos or not. I hope the answer will be people.

Even more so, I hope people will be able to return so they can be part of the photos. I have not traveled here lightly myself this year.

The Grand Floridian’s upstairs gift shop had a fun Christmas window display. Mickey is in one window.

And Minnie was in the other.

There’s a cute hidden Mickey or two in the tree.

Several wreaths inside the shops adorn the windows.

We’ll make our way back downstairs again.

For another look at the Grand Floridian Christmas tree.

This toy soldier teddy bear on a tiny tree by the elevator is one of the cutest Christmas things I’ve ever seen.

Another look up as the light streams through the beautiful frosted glass above.

Lastly, these stunning swan wreaths hang around the outer walls of the lobby.

When I finished up what felt like a true Grand Floridian Christmas photoshoot, it was way later than expected.

But I didn’t mind. I eventually made my way over to the Magic Kingdom.

I hope you enjoy the Christmas photos, and they remind you of a place dear to your heart. Christmas is a special time of year, and I know most of us will be spending it differently.

I’ll have more resort Christmas photos in the coming days. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. My Christmas shopping is done, presents wrapped, and I plan to be here working on the site until it’s time to start doing a little baking.

We’ll take an updated look when the holiday season returns to the parks next year. In the meantime, you might like to preview our list of the best Disney Resorts at Christmas.

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Merry Christmas! Leave a comment below and share whether or not you enjoy visiting the Grand Floridian at Christmas!

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