A Visit to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge for Christmas

Anyone that’s visited Disney’s Wilderness Lodge at Christmas will tell you that it’s a must do on their list of holiday stops at Disney World. The resort is modeled after the Northwest Pacific and offers one of the most unique settings in central Florida.

If you arrive at the Wilderness Lodge by boat, you’ll immediately begin to notice the changes of the landscape. Tall trees with Spanish moss line the raised wooden walkways that lead up to the main resort.

Christmas at Wilderness Lodge

Even the temperature begins to feel a nice 10 degrees or so cooler when you step inside the massive resort. It’s not uncommon to be able to find a place next to the fire here to comfortably relax, no matter how hot it is outside.

Copper Creek Falls actually begins inside the Wilderness Lodge. There’s a bridge right in the lobby to cross over it.

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Lobby at Wilderness Lodge during Christmas

During Christmastime, it’s adorned with special trimmings of green boughs, red poinsettias, and plaid bows.

The sound of the falls running through the lobby also makes for a nice sound buffer when it’s crowded.

So pretty.

The light fixtures had decorations attached underneath.

Ribbons with white and red trim are woven into them.

The lobby invites you to find a spot and stay for awhile.

A few Christmas trees are appropriately placed in various corners of the Wilderness Lodge. They seem carefully placed as not to take away from the main event.

The wreaths have a touch of moose antlers, wildflowers, and lights.

What was left of the sun on this day was casting a nice light onto the Wilderness Lodge’s Christmas tree.

I saw a squirrel eager to share his snack.

And a red bird reminded me that someone was thinking of me.

The tepees on the tree also light up. Someone must have gotten the best room in the house.

A little Indian instrument.

Lanterns with reindeer silhouettes adorn the tree with larger moose antlers subtly placed throughout.

An owl perches on a branch.

And these wooden plaid stars have forest animal cutouts.

Indian baskets hang from some limbs.

Everything has its place on the Wilderness Lodge Christmas tree.

Maybe we should go upstairs and check out the view from above.

Looking out between the railings.

There’s a neat enclosed portion of the staircase off the main lobby. I don’t know the exact purpose, but there’s a glass door between the first and second floors that creates a pocket of sorts.

All of the different levels have sitting areas. Some even have sofas with fire places.

You could bring a book, take a nap, and enjoy the views for as long as you like.

No one would blame you.

It’s a very elaborate place that somehow manages to feel humble.

I can never quite pinpoint the feeling I get here or more where it comes from. But the feeling is even stronger when I visit the Wilderness Lodge at Christmas.

The wood carvings and totem poles are really something to see.

I love how the American flag hangs in the balance.

Back down in the lobby another Christmas tree sits near the elevator. There are a few Indian headdress on display.

Lanterns, garland, and more wreaths every which way you look.

The Mercantile store at Wilderness Lodge has a Christmas display in the windows.

While I was touring the Wilderness Lodge for Christmas, I decided to walk down to the Boulder Ridge DVC lobby.

It was equally warm and inviting.

Well it was for a few moments.

A few floors above a family had a huge knockdown, drag out fight. It was like nothing I’d ever witnessed at Disney. There were only a few of us in the space and we all found ourselves retreating back a bit.

It kind of brought me back to the reality of the year, and reminded me how we were all under a lot of stress. And sometimes that stress doesn’t always come out the right way. I have a feeling that was probably the case here that afternoon.

The lobby down at Boulder Ridge has a nice separate sitting area with fireplace. There is a portrait of Walt Disney with his train set there.

Today (December 15th) is the anniversary of his death. I felt like it was fitting to add it to this review. That very special man dreamed a large and long-lasting dream.

Which allows us to this day to have favorite places like the Wilderness Lodge at Christmas. Or any other day of the year for that matter.

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Merry Christmas from Disney’s Wilderness Lodge!

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