The Pools at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

This article discusses the pools at Disney’s Polynesian. We’ll discuss the Lava Pool, Oasis Pool, and other amenities in both pool areas. These photos are from our last hotel stay at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

Relaxing or Crowded? Unfortunately, the answer is often crowded if we’re talking about the pools at Disney’s Polynesian. Of course, if you get to the resort’s feature pool as soon as it opens, you might have an hour or two before it gets packed.

Don’t get me wrong. Nearly all of the resort pools at Disney World are busy most days. It’s just that the Polynesian has that extra tropical vibe that brings almost everyone out to the pool.

On this last stay, we hoped it would be less busy given the time of year (mid-September). But the pool became increasingly congested each afternoon as the excruciating summer’s heat lingered.

That is, until each evening when a thunderstorm appeared, providing temporary relief from the humidity and lasting long enough to shut the pools down for the rest of the night.

Sadly, we didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked at the pool. But since we’re updating our resort coverage, I made sure to get to the pool as soon as it opened for fresh photos.

The Lava Pool at Disney's Polynesian
The Lava Pool at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Pool Hours at Disney’s Polynesian

The Lava Pool’s hours are between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. during the summer months. However, when things slow down, those hours are often reduced to 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.

*Pool hours adjust from time to time throughout the year. So you’ll want to check the hours during your visit. They are posted at the main entrance to each pool.

Since the Oasis Pool is considered the resort’s quiet pool, it’s open a little longer than the Lava Pool. On this visit, the Oasis Pool hours were between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.

Our standard Moana room in the Hawaii building overlooked the Oasis Pool. A few guests were at the pool each morning as early as 7:00 a.m.

It reminded me of years ago when we would try to get to the regular pools early in the morning for a swim. I don’t know about you, but it seems odd that the feature pools open so late in the morning, especially during the summer.

Both pools at Disney’s Polynesian have a MagicBand or room key scanner. So you’ll need to bring one or the other to access the pool.

The Lava Pool at the Polynesian

The Lava Pool is the feature pool at Disney’s Polynesian. Formerly, this pool area was called the Volcano Pool.

It’s a sizable pool. But unfortunately, it doesn’t take long to fill up.

Underneath the waterfall, the pool depth is 4′ 6″ (4 feet and 6 inches). That is the maximum depth of the pool. Most of the areas are around 3′ 7″ (3 feet and 7 inches).

A cave rests underneath the waterfall. A walkway is available through the cave on this side of the pool.

Here’s a look at the back side of water, I mean, the waterfall.

Zero-Depth Entry

You’ll find a zero-entry area on the Seven Seas Lagoon side of the pool.

It’s a reasonably sizeable area that faces the Great Ceremonial House.

Water Slide

The Lava Pool is home to a 142-foot-long waterslide. Its entrance rests at the top of the volcano. You can access the slide from the bridge in the photo below.

A few slide rules are posted. The pool depth at the bottom of the slide is 3’6″ (3 feet, 6 inches).

Most of the slide travels inside the volcano. Here is a photo of where it comes back out before hitting the water.

This is where the slide exits to the pool.

You’ll take a couple of sets of stairs from the bridge up to the top.

It’s probably a good bit higher up than you think!

Along the way, you can take in expansive views of the Grand Floridian in the distance.

At the top, you get a pretty neat view of the pool area. This is where the waterfall erupts from the volcano.

Looking back, we see the zero-entry side of the pool. Disney’s Contemporary Resort looks tiny in the distance.

Here’s the slide. Make sure to wait until the light turns green.

You’ll be back here before you know it.

I have not done this slide, which is a little surprising. Maybe next time?

After you finish, you can hop out and do it all again. For reference, we have a list of Disney Resorts with waterslides.

Hot Tub at the Polynesian’s Lava Pool

A hot tub is available at the Lava Pool. It’s somewhat hidden in a cove of rocks toward the back corner of the pool.

Here is a photo of the hot tub in relation to the pool area.

It has an infinity edge.

It used to offer a better view of the lagoon. However, I noticed during our visit that some of the shrubbery behind the pool area had significantly grown over the last few years. So, I’m not sure how well you can see fireworks from the hot tub anymore.

Kikis Tikis Splash Play Area

On the Great Ceremonial House side of the pool, you’ll find Kikis Tikis, an aquatic playground for children.

A few play area rules were posted.

It’s a fun spot for the little ones.

Those who aren’t quite big enough for the pool slide can take advantage of the smaller one at the back of the splash pad.

You can take the stairs and cross the bridges to reach the top of the slide.

Pool Amenities and Changing Area

Several amenities are available at the pool that you might want to know beforehand. For starters, complimentary towels are provided. So you don’t have to worry about packing extras in your luggage.

Complimentary life jackets are also available at the pool.

Restrooms and changing areas are housed in the cave behind the waterfall.

Here is a photo of the entrance.

At the back of the restrooms, two showers are available.

showers in changing area at Disney's Polynesian pool.

Here is a look at the space.

Body wash, shampoo, and conditioner are provided.

Extra towels were also available. So, if you arrive before your room is ready or have a late check-out, you might take advantage of some of these amenities. If you have a late afternoon flight, you could spend the day at the pool, shower, and change before leaving for the airport.

Barefoot Pool Bar

Barefoot Pool Bar is the poolside bar at Disney’s Polynesian. It sits toward the lagoon side of the pool near the marina.

Here is a preview of their menu. They have a few quick-service food items available during lunch to early evening hours. However, most guests will likely want to mobile order from Captain Cook’s, the resort’s quick service, and bring their food back to the pool.

Polynesian Pool Pictures

Here are a few more photos of the Lava Pool before we preview the Oasis Pool. These include photos of the loungers and seating around the pool.

waterfall cascading over the Lava Pool at Polynesian
Lava Pool at the zero entry area
Polynesian lounge chairs
Lounge chairs
Loungers at the Lava Pool
Tables with chairs around the Lava Pool

Cabanas at the Lava Pool

The Lava Pool has one cabana-style setup. It’s called a poolside patio. It might be worth considering if you would enjoy reserved seating at the pool. More information about pool patio rentals is available on

We rented a cabana at Disney’s Beach Club a few years ago, and it’s something we would do again at that resort. But I’m not sold on the ones at the Polynesian.

Poolside Patio at the Lava Pool

The Oasis Pool at Disney’s Polynesian

The Oasis Pool is a short distance from the Lava Pool. Resort guests can easily pool-hop between them. Samoa, a longhouse, is the only building between the two pools.

You can take the exit at the lagoon side of the Lava Pool and walk between Hawaii and Samoa to get to the back of the Oasis Pool. Or you can take the exit near the Great Ceremonial House and walk between Samoa and Niue to get to the main entrance of the Oasis Pool.

I mention this because Samoa is a long building. Most guests don’t realize the pools are so close to one another.

Oasis Pool at Polynesian
The Oasis Pool at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Those who want to enjoy a quieter space will probably want to hang out at the Polynesian Resort’s Oasis Pool. While the Poly doesn’t have a true quiet pool, the Oasis is usually quieter due to the lack of poolside activities or a water play area.

These photos were all taken early in the morning. Rest assured, most of these chairs were occupied by early afternoon.

The Oasis Pool also has a zero-entry.

However, other than the zero-entry, this pool has no significant thrills.

A few Oasis patios are available to rent. These can be rented 60 days in advance and go rather quickly. Each one had an “already reserved” sign while I was taking photos.

You might find a little shade in the morning–but not much.

A second hot tub is available at the back of the Oasis Pool.

Restrooms are also available. However, these don’t have showers.

The Oasis Pool Bar provides a good deal of shade.

Besides the Tiki Terrace, this is the best place to enjoy an outdoor meal at the Polynesian. They have a full bar and a separate quick service window.

Overall, it’s a pretty pool. Remember, the earlier, the better!

Lastly, guests can enjoy the resort’s beach. The white sand beaches have a variety of loungers, including Adirondack chairs perfectly positioned to enjoy views of the lagoon.

Children can play in the sand or might enjoy a game of volleyball. Several speakers provide Hawaiian tunes in the background. At night, this is where guests enjoy views of the fireworks.

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What do you think about the pools at the Polynesian?

What are your thoughts on the pools at Disney’s Polynesian Resort? Have you stayed here before? Do you prefer the Lava Pool or the Oasis Pool? Do you think they are overcrowded?

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