Tour the Moana Rooms at Disney’s Polynesian Resort (50+ Photos and Video)

We stayed in the Moana rooms at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and loved them! In this article, we’ll specifically discuss details of the Moana-themed rooms, including photos, a video tour, and other amenities you can expect.

A few years ago, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort underwent an entire resort refurbishment. During that time, standard guest rooms at the Polynesian received an entire overhaul. When the new Moana rooms at the Polynesian debuted, they were instantly a hit. After our latest stay at the Polynesian, we can see why. The rooms are kind of perfect!

As many of you know, I rarely use words like “perfect,” and exclamation points are thin on the ground when it comes to this blog. But from the moment I set foot inside our assigned room, I was taken aback–in a good way.

new Moana-themed rooms at Disney's Polynesian

We stayed in room number 3531 in Hawaii. Hawaii is the home of the Kamehameha Club at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. We’ll have a review of the club level at Disney’s Polynesian Resort in a separate article.

However, it is important to note that all standard Moana rooms at the Polynesian will be almost entirely identical to this room. The only buildings that do not offer Moana rooms are Moorea, Pago Pago, Tokelau, and the Bora Bora Bungalows.

Those buildings are home to Disney’s Polynesian Villas, a Disney Vacation Club Resort. They consist of deluxe studios featuring Lilo and Stitch theming.

View of Moana hotel room from the opposite side.

I was pleasantly surprised by the size of our room. Standard rooms at Disney’s Polynesian average 415 square feet. However, specific rooms, like a corner unit, are usually larger. We had a corner unit when we stayed in the new rooms at Disney’s Boardwalk a few months ago.

Upon first glance, you might not notice the subtle Moana theming. The colors used in the room were inspired by the Pacific Ocean and Polynesian Islands. Pops of turquoise and purple bring a touch of tropical cheer to the space.

two queen beds

One of the things I immediately noticed was that the room had excellent lighting. Lighting can make or break a space. However, I found that the light fixtures and lamps added a warm glow to the room during the day and night.

queen-size bed with bench at the end

A nightstand sits between the two queen beds. Each side of the headboard features a small pen light that provides a bright burst of UV light when pulled from its socket.

Light fixtures between the beds in the Moana room.

We see the same kind of Hey Disney! device that was installed in our Little Mermaid room at Art of Animation. Once again, we unplugged it so we didn’t have to deal with the light. We don’t necessarily have an issue with the device, but we don’t understand the need.

It’s difficult to conceive why Disney spends money for this kind of thing, yet they don’t offer complimentary Disney+ in their hotel rooms. Of course, we can always cast our subscriptions to the television.

Most of us want things to feel effortless when we travel. I don’t know about you, but when I have the television set at home–I know how to work it. But when I get to a hotel, I want to use the remote and not deal with the technical side of things.

Hey Disney on the night stand with other resort pamphlets.

Benches sat at the foot of each bed. This is such a nice feature that is always appreciated. You can use the bench to put on, remove, and store shoes underneath. Additionally, the benches are an excellent place to lay out your clothes for the next day.

queen size bed with Moana elements and a tropical purple pillow

A light fixture hangs in the center of the room. These rooms do not have ceiling fans. But the rooms cool so well, I don’t think you would miss one.

alternate view of the Moana rooms at the Polynesian

A chair with an ottoman sits near the window in the far corner of the room.

chair with an ottoman

Artwork featuring Moana and Pua hangs on the wall.

decorative art featuring Moana

On the far side of each bed, a shelf provides a place to store a few items. Above it, a few outlets and USB ports.

a small shelf to place mobile phone beside the bed while sleeping or charging

If you look closely, you’ll find references to Moana. Disney did an excellent job taking guest feedback and incorporating references from the characters we know and love in these Moana rooms.

Hei Hei and Maui from Moana as silhouettes on the lamp

Here is a view of the room from the opposite corner.

view of the Moana Room from the back corner

On the room’s feature wall, we see a wallpaper with Moana and Maui.

dresser, flatscreen television, and nightstand next to sofa bed

Here’s an up-close look.

Moana and Maui features on the wallpaper.

A sofa sits in this corner of the room. It doubles as a day bed.

A sleeper sofa that pulls down to make a single bed.

You’ll adjust a lever on the right side of the sofa to unlock the mechanism. Then, pull the back strap toward you to convert it to a day bed.

fifth sleeper convertible bed

This is the same type of fifth sleeper we saw in the Incredible Rooms at Disney’s Contemporary, the resort view rooms at Disney’s Yacht Club, and our stateroom on the Disney Wish.

We’ve had an eleven-year-old sleep comfortably on this type of bed for a week, and I used the same kind on the Wish. So, while they are a little shorter, we have found them as comfortable as a regular twin bed.

feature wall in room with Moana wallpaper

Our room had solid surface flooring. However, the interior hallways still have carpeting, which somewhat helps with noise reduction.

We were slightly surprised by some of the noise we heard from the hallway. Unfortunately, I think the issue was more unsupervised children and loud-speaking adults who seemed oblivious that other guests might be resting or sleeping nearby.

solid surface flooring in Moana rooms

This room had a flat-screen television suspended over the dresser. The dresser had three drawers with plenty of storage space. It had a solid top with additional outlets and USB ports.

place to store luggage underneath the bed

The foyer had a built-in closet space with a few other amenities.

Amenity area includes shelves and artwork backdrop featuring Hei Hei from Moana.

An ice bucket was available on the top shelf.

ice bucket in hotel room

On the main counter, we had a Keurig coffee maker (individual cup). Hei Hei was painted on the wall art behind the Keurig.

Keurig coffee maker

A drawer underneath had items to make coffee, tea, and other accompaniments.

accompaniments for coffee

Underneath the coffee drawer, you’ll find a cabinet that opens to reveal a beverage cooler. An in-room safe was also available.

in-room safe

There was ample space to store a few items in the cabinets. This is also where the room’s full-length mirror is installed inside the cabinet door.

storage area in Moana rooms

Here is a look at the beverage cooler. We put a few bottled waters in it, and it worked well. We mention this often in our room tours, but it’s important to note that beverage coolers are not to be confused with a mini-fridge. They are designed to chill drinks and not keep perishable food items at an appropriate room temperature.

beverage cooler

Two other built-ins provide closet space. An extra pillow and blanket were at the top of this closet. If you need more, call housekeeping from the room phone; they will bring extras. I was also happy to see a luggage rack.

closet area

Two white waffle robes were available–this is a club-level extra.

hotel robes hanging in closet

Most deluxe resorts now have handheld steamers instead of irons with ironing boards.

handheld steamer is closet

Our bathroom reminded me of Disney’s Contemporary. It was spacious, with a separate water closet housing the toilet toward the back. Both the Polynesian and Contemporary were original resorts, so the plumbing was laid out this way when they were built.

Unfortunately, that means the space is not as efficiently used as what we see in more modern resorts. So everyone has to take their turn while getting ready.

Moana rooms bathroom

A pocket door slides over the water closet.

separate water closet in Moana rooms

Inside, the water closet has shelves with extra towels and artwork featuring Moana.

place to store towels

The vanity features double sinks.

double sinks and vanity in Moana-themed rooms

A ledge above the sinks provides counter space to store personal items.

fixtures in guest bathroom

Here, we have a few toiletries like a shower cap, vanity kit, mouthwash, and body lotion.

toiletries like shower cap, vanity kit, mouth wash, and lotion

Our room had a large walk-in shower.

walk-in shower in Moana bathroom

A small shelf was provided for personal items. Additionally, built-in body wash, shampoo, and conditioner were available inside the shower.

built-in toiletries shampoo, conditioner, and body wash

The shower’s water pressure was good. We had one large fixture with a rainfall-like effect and a detachable showerhead.

shower head in bathroom

Two hooks were available on the wall outside the shower door. This feature was much appreciated.

hooks to hang wet towels and robes

We had booked a resort view club-level room at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. We were more than elated to receive a third-floor room when we arrived.

For reference, most of the longhouses at Disney’s Polynesian have three floors. If you receive a first-floor room, you’ll have a patio; second-floor rooms have a Juliette balcony (read standing room only), and third-floor rooms have a full balcony.

We prefer third-floor rooms at the Polynesian and the Garden Wing at Disney’s Contemporary, which have a similar setup. If we had received a second-floor room, it would have been okay.

But I spent a good amount of time in the room during this stay, and much of that time was spent on the balcony. We especially enjoyed the solitude one night when it poured down rain for several hours.

balcony on third floor at Disney's Polynesian

Of course, our view of the Oasis Pool was gorgeous. We were within a few steps of both the Oasis and Lava Pools at the Polynesian.

view of the Oasis Pool from room

Regarding room views, other options at the Polynesian include a theme park view, a water view, and a lagoon view.

balcony with two chairs and small table

The Lava Pool sits a few steps beyond the palm trees in the photo below. Our room was a short walk from the Great Ceremonial House, opposite the Lava Pool.

alternate view of Disney's Polynesian from balcony

Moana Room Video

Here is a video tour of the Moana rooms at Disney’s Polynesian.

Moana Room Photos

Here are a few extra photos of the room and the interior hallways of the Hawaii building.

Interior hotel hallways in Disney's Polynesian Resort
Hei Hei featured in artwork in the halls of the Polynesian.

Final Thoughts

We enjoyed our time at Disney’s Polynesian immensely. Had it not been for a tight schedule during this stay, we would have extended the trip a few more days. Unfortunately, there is much work to be done–and many more resorts to review.

But I have a feeling that we’ll return to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort probably sooner than later. Until then, Aloha.

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What do you think of the Moana rooms at Disney’s Polynesian? Have you stayed in one of these rooms yet? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts and opinions. Sharing your unique perspective provides valuable insight for us and others who read this website.

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