Epcot Flower and Garden Festival Pictures

For those of you missing Epcot this season or planning a trip soon, I wanted to share a picture review of the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. These pictures of the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival were taken during the first week of the festival.

Early March is when Epcot is in full Spring bloom. Things in Florida tend to bud out a little earlier than the rest of the country due to the warmer temperatures.

If you arrive at the main entrance to Epcot, you are probably in for a surprise.

The former monuments that sat out front have been turned into these walls of color. All of the trees in bloom only add to the look.

Epcot’s front entrance remodel includes a new fountain, custom lighting, and background music at the front of the park. Sorcerer Mickey sits out in front of Spaceship Earth this year.

Other Fantasia topiaries are on display. For some reason, this one reminded me of myself.

And the one behind me is probably a friend warning me that Epcot is a construction zone right now.

Yes, the whole center of the former Future World is still gutted.

Anyway, back to our Flower and Garden pictures. These ostriches are so much fun!

There’s a minimal window each year for getting these photos with the trees in bloom.

I’m glad I could make it this year, even though things are slightly different.

These photos were all inspired.

Around the Land Pavilion, you’ll see a few floating gardens. If a breeze blows, you’ll see them moving around a bit.

And here is a picture of all the different trees in bloom around the Seas Pavilion.


I always look forward to Springtime when everything is new again. Don’t you?

Woody was out nodding his hat to the former Innoventions building. I thought it was a kind gesture.

A glance at the front.

Here are a few more photos.

Below is a partially new topiary this year. Usually, Rafiki is holding up Simba around Refreshment Outpost.

It’s nice to see a different placement.

The flowers around the base were gorgeous. They reminded me of a blend of fiery sunset colors.

Something about this area compels me to always stop for a photo.

Figment sits outside Journey Into Imagination.

These pictures are from Epcot Flower and Garden Festival’s butterfly house.

Make sure to walk through at least once during your visit.

Another photo.

The flower mural is always stunning.

Marigolds in the pots.

I am taking you on this Flower and Garden picture tour the way I tend to walk around Epcot lately. We started on the far right side of the park and have made it to the right side of the World Showcase in the Canada Pavilion.

The gardens here are beautiful no matter when you visit. But the Begonias add a nice touch.

Miss Piggy sits in front of the lagoon between Canada and the UK.

I thought her shoes were super cute.

Kermit is not far from her side, waving with a friendly expression.

The bicycle with flower baskets is a nice touch.

Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet are positioned in front of the United Kingdom Pavilion.

Winnie the Pooh and Rabbit are on the other side.

Toward the back of the pavilion, Tinker Bell is surrounded by fairy houses.

The English Tea Garden is in its heyday. Mary Poppins has a character meet here at Epcot. You can see her in the background.

I’ve decided that if I happen upon one of these teacup planters, we’ll have one in our Florida yard. One day.

However, I’m unsure if the yard will ever look as lovely as in these pictures.

Back out toward the lagoon, you might want to be careful. Peter Pan and Captain Hook are having a duel.

Moving down toward the International Gateway, one of the topiary butterflies makes for a nice photo spot.

World Traveler as a fun Spring theme in the window.

The bridge to France is my favorite Flower and Garden photo spot when the tree is blooming.

Looking toward the Disney Skyliner as it drops off outside of Epcot.

And then back toward the France Pavilion.

This picture was taken from the new walkway that lead us to Ratatouille.

Beauty and the Beast were sharing a dance.

Japan has a pretty cool dragon in front of the Torii gate.

So many different things in one picture.

We find a massive planter in the Italy Pavilion.

Lady and the Tramp sit out on the piazza.

The entire pavilion is gorgeous.

Snow White and Dopey are hanging out in Germany.

Don’t forget to stop and watch the Romantic Road train station in the Germany Pavilion. They are having a Flower and Garden Festival too! If you look closely, you’ll see some of the signage hanging from their light poles.

China was looking ravishing this afternoon.

The pandas were placed in the pavilion’s Nikon photo spot this year.

Seriously, look how beautiful the China Pavilion was on this afternoon.

And then there’s Norway. A troll with a light pole guards the outskirts.

Anna and Elsa have a character meet here and a topiary.

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As we make our way back around the promenade, we pass Mexico. This bridge always makes for a nice picture.

Looking toward the Odyssey building.

The Three Caballeros are a fun topiary trio.

I love this sign.

Buzz Lightyear greets guests warmly in front of Mission: Space.

Bambi and friends have been hanging out in front of the temporary Mouse Gears for a while now.

I thought this area looked nice.

And back at the central plaza.

I found Mickey.

This Flower and Garden picture explains a lot.

Pluto is wary over to the side. Chip and Dale could have been more prominently placed.

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Pluto has a tape measure.

Another butterfly.

Another favorite new placement this year is Donald and Daisy Duck with the nephews. They have been in this area before, but I loved how they were positioned.

Because I thought the way they were gazing toward Spaceship Earth was darling.

If you are planning a trip to any of the Epcot Festivals, you might consider staying at one of the Epcot Resorts. They include the following:

Or you might enjoy staying at one of the Skyliner Resorts. They drop off at Epcot’s International Gateway.

Those resorts include:

I hope you enjoyed these photos from Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival. Are you planning a trip to the festival?

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