Cars Hotel Area at Disney World (Art of Animation)

The Cars hotel area of Disney World’s Art of Animation is perfect for fans of the fun movie franchise! In this review, we’ll tour the grounds of the Cars section. Everything here is larger than life and will leave children and most adults in awe of their surroundings.

If you are considering reserving a room at Disney World’s Cars hotel, this photo review will give you a good idea of what to expect. The resort is also a wonderful place to visit for fun photo backdrops, even if you don’t end up staying here.

Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by four tremendous drawings of the animated films that are represented. In addition to Cars, there’s Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, and The Lion King.

I have a full review of Art of Animation, where we stayed in the Little Mermaid section. That section of the resort is the only area that offers standard guest rooms. It’s how the hotel gets a Disney value resort designation.

When you enter the Cars hotel portion of the resort, you’ll be greeted by a large billboard welcoming you to Radiator Springs, it’s a happy place.

Sheriff sits at the entrance to town, I mean, at the entrance of the Disney World Cars hotel.

All of the cars are placed where children can walk up as close as they like.

No climbing allowed.

As we make our way down “Route 66” there are several things to see.

The sidewalk that runs through this section of the resort is designed to look like a paved road. Mile marker signs along the way have fun expressions related to the movie.

The landscaping adds a nice touch to the look and feel of the area.

We run into beloved Doc Hudson along the way.

And Ramone.

I always enjoy seeing the children run up to the different cars when I’m visiting. My son is nearly an adult and he has quite the soft spot for this area.

Before reaching our first building, we run into the Cozy Cone Motel.

The faux motel is actually the entrance to the pool area for the Cars hotel section.

It’s an amusing pool that has a bit of an island in the middle. There are few cabanas surrounding the pool in the shape of cones.

The Cars area is made up of three different buildings. The first is Tow Mater’s Towing and Garage.

Here is the hotel entrance.

Walking on past this building we run into Sarge.

Next, we run into the Wheel Well Motel. It’s the large, center building of this section.

A gas station sits out front. How convenient. Make sure to refuel before heading out to the parks.

Our very own Lightning McQueen and Sally are here as well.

Looking sharp as ever.

Dream car.

One of the fun-loving things about the cars is that their headlights turn on as the sun begins to set.

The sunsets are truly beautiful here.

Fillmore has an organic fuel station that sits outside the Wheel Well Cars hotel.

Naturally, he’s there to assist.

Lastly, we have Luigis Casa Della Tires.

Luigi and Guido are there to sell you a new pair of tires should yours wear out while on vacation.

It happens.

Joking aside, the value resorts are the only hotels at Walt Disney World that provide actual Disney theming. You can read more about the difference in our review of the Disney Value Resorts.

Art of Animation sits across the lake from neighboring value Pop Century. I have a full account of our stay at Pop Century Resort (review).

As we journey back around to the front of the Cars hotel area, we run into one final car.

Flo is looking as lovely as ever.

Most of the buildings at Art of Animation face out to Hourglass Lake. The backside of each building has signage and animated sketches airbrushed onto the buildings.

These are some of the details that I really enjoy.

For instance, the scene with Guido stacking the tires.

And the finished product in color is showcased on the side of the building. Look closely, it’s designed to look like a sketchbook with a page flipped over at the top.

The details are well done.

If you stay in one of the Cars Family Suites you can expect the following amenities:

  • Sleep up to 6 adults
  • Kitchenette
  • Queen Bed, Table Bed (Double), Sleeper Sofa (Double)
  • 2 bathrooms

The suites are great options for large families and those traveling with extended families. If you would like to view the room photos, they are available here on Disney’s site.

Family suites do run considerably higher in price than a standard room at a value resort. However, they are much less in comparison to a 2 bedroom villa resort like Disney’s Riviera.

Make sure to check with our friends at Firefly Travels if you need assistance reserving a room. They are an authorized Disney vacation planner and will help you get the best price available. You can fill out a request here.

Overall, the Disney World Cars hotel is an enjoyable resort with unique accommodations. While there are a few trade-offs of staying at a value resort, areas like this make it worthwhile.

I highly recommend trying a stay here when traveling with smaller children. I’m sure they will be happy with your resort choice. And if the kids are happy, mom and dad are too, right?

If you aren’t sold on staying at a value resort, you can browse the full list of Walt Disney World Resort reviews here.

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As for Disney moderates, we go over all of the details that make this resort family-friendly in our review of Coronado Springs,

Leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts on the Disney World Cars hotel section. Have you stayed here? Do you have Cars fans in your family?

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