The Morocco Marketplace at Epcot Food and Wine

The 2020 Morocco Marketplace at Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival is typically a popular stop on the promenade of food booths. While I haven’t had a chance to stop in at this booth to date, we can still look at the menu and a few returning items.

The Morocco Marketplace is located just outside the Morocco Pavilion on the walkway towards Japan. If you have a habit of making laps around the World Showcase, as I do, you can’t miss it.

Here’s a look at the Morocco Marketplace.

Morocco Booth Food and Wine Epcot

You will enter the line from the Morocco side. You might note social distancing markers in the picture below to help keep guests separated.

Morocco Marketplace at Epcot

The Morocco Marketplace has items that have been previously offered for the most part.

Menu for Morocco at Epcot

Like this Beef Kefta Pocket, I had last year. It does look like a few of the ingredients have changed per the menu. However, this was one item that I felt was highly overpriced for the portion compared to other festival items.

Morocco Menu Item

It was also really messy as the thin sauce on the bottom tends to run out if you try to eat it like an actual wrap. So grab an extra fork and knife if you decide to try this one.

The menu also offers spicy hummus fries, which tend to be popular but aren’t personally my thing. And I have been unable to locate the picture, but the baklava returns. I prefer the baklava without all the sauce, but this special one is covered with chocolate and almonds that add a nice crunch.

Morocco is kind of known for baklava, which is a thin layer pastry dish traditionally packed with layers of nuts, honey, butter, and oil. If you haven’t ever tried it, you want to pick one up. But keep in mind the chocolate sauce does add a layer of flavor that’s not typically traditional.

Are you planning on visiting the festival this year? If so, you might consider staying at a resort near Epcot. A few of the ones nearby include:

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So does anything on the menu at the Morocco Marketplace look good to you? Share your picks in the comments below.

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