The Pools at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

When staying at a resort, most people want to know one thing, does it have a good pool? Thankfully, the pools at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort are a lot of fun.

Grand Floridian has two pools, a water play area, and a white sand beach with loungers for guest’s enjoyment. An afternoon spent at this lovely resort’s pools will provide a much-needed break, especially about mid-vacation.

When staying at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, you’ll want to be aware of both pools. Each pool has different offerings. And depending on your group, one might work better than the other.

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The first pool is the Grand Floridian Beach Pool. This pool is located on the grass lawn between the main lobby and the Grand Floridian Villas wing of the resort.

The villas are located in a separate building and are the closest to the Polynesian, which sits next door.

Pool hours for the Grand Floridian’s feature pool usually run between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. However, these hours vary based on the season. For instance, you might visit at a time where the pool is open from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.

Here are a few pictures of the Grand Floridian’s Beach Pool. As you can see, it has a nice zero-entry area on the shallow end.

Additionally, there is a grotto of sorts with a waterfall feature. Toward the back end of the pool, you’ll find a walkway over a bridge.

Below is a view of the pool from the bridge.

Beaches Pool Bar and Grill is the dining area that serves the pool area. Their online menu is available here on Disney’s site. The Grand Floridian’s pool bar has lobster sliders, a veggie sandwich, salads, and burgers.

There is a quaint outdoor seating area within the fenced-off pool area. If you aren’t staying at the resort, you can still pick up a bite to eat here and enjoy it in the outdoor dining space.

We mobile ordered from Gasparilla Island Grill on a recent visit and brought it back to the pool. They tend to have a few more options than the pool bar. Additionally, the resort has several other options for dining.

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Outside the Grand Floridian pool area, you’ll see a white sand beach with a variety of loungers.

There’s a fire pit where they roast marshmallows from time to time in the evenings.

The white sand beach area at Grand Floridian provides scenic views of the Seven Seas Lagoon, and the Polynesian Resort sits in the distance.

You can adjust the cover on these loungers to provide less shade if you like.

There are usually plenty available.

The Beach Pool is also where you’ll find the Grand Floridian water slide. All moderate and deluxe resorts have a feature pool that includes a pool slide.

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According to the slide rules at the Grand Floridian pool, the depth at the bottom of the slide area is 3 feet and 6 inches.

Below is a photo of the steps that walk up to the water slide.

And you can see it comes out underneath the bridge on the opposite end of the pool.

You might also notice a few private cabanas are set up at the opposite end of the Grand Floridian pool. Below is a photo of the cabanas that sit near the back of the Beach Pool.

If you want to rent a private cabana or read more about the specifics, you can do that here on Disney’s site, and there’s a review of our personal experience below.

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The water play area is themed to Alice and Wonderland. It sits adjacent to the Grand Floridian Beach pool. These water play areas have replaced many of the kiddie pools in more recent years.

I think they offer an excellent opportunity for children to be children without too much intimidation. As noted on the sign outside the gate, children must be 48″ or under to enjoy the themed splash area.

The teacups create a staggering water fountain of sorts. Now and then, the Mad Hatter’s hat will fill up and dump a decent amount of water onto the slide.

There are two slides on each side of the aquatic play area.

Plenty of lounges and tables with chairs are available around the play area.

Behind the main lobby is the second pool at the Grand Floridian Resort.

The Courtyard Pool is a lengthy pool with an odd shape.

On one end, it has a zero-depth entry. There are many small fountains in this area, making it similar to a splash pad.

A hot tub sits in a raised area along the back of the pool.

And below is a look at one of the cabanas at the Courtyard Pool.

Like Disney’s Polynesian Resort next door, both resorts have two large pools instead of a feature pool with a quiet pool. Most will find the Courtyard Pool similar to a quiet pool. Since the Beach Pool has a water play area and water slide, it attracts guests with younger children.

If you are unsure which pool at the Grand Floridian you’ll like best, I recommend spending time at both of them. In the past, I’ve enjoyed the Courtyard Pool. However, I spent an entire afternoon at the Beach Pool on my last visit. It ended up being a pleasant afternoon.

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