The Pools at Wyndham’s Bonnet Creek Resorts

Wyndham’s Bonnet Creek Resort has a multitude of swimming pools for guests to use during their vacation. By multitude, I mean, the resort in its entirety has a total of five pools and two lazy rivers. Needless to say, it’s a substantial resort.

In this article, we’ll look at each pool that’s shared between the Wyndham Grand Orlando and the Wyndham Vacation Club. For reference, this vast property at Bonnet Creek is made up of six stunning towers, a hotel, and Club Wyndham’s main building.

The hotel portion of the resort is known as the Wyndham Grand Orlando at Bonnet Creek. Wyndham’s remaining five towers are timeshares that are part of the vacation club portion of the resort.

Before my stay here, I was oblivious to just how large the resort was as a whole. To my surprise, as a guest of the hotel, I received access to all the different pools and other recreation amenities on the property.

Since there was no way I could adequately cover each pool in our review of the Wyndham Grand Orlando at Bonnet Creek, I promised to write a separate article on the pools alone. So here we are.

Wyndham Bonnet Creek Pools

We’ll start with a look at each of the five pools at Bonnet Creek’s Wyndham. Our journey begins at the Grand Orlando hotel and moves counterclockwise around the resort. The image below indicates the layout of the resort.

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The first pool is the Oasis Pool, which is located at Wyndham’s Grand Orlando Hotel.

The Oasis Pool has a zero-entry area on one side of the pool. Additionally, there is a peninsula that floats out over the pool area. I found this area to be a sublime place to lounge in the sunshine.

Two private whirlpool spas are positioned around the pool area.

Next door to the Oasis Pool, is tower six where you’ll find the Pirate Ship Pool. I found this specific pool area to have more shade than most of the other pools. It also has a pretty cool waterslide.

The waterslide is separate from the pool area and has a 48″ height requirement.

Below is a picture of where it exits. I thought this was pretty neat considering anyone can stand at the bottom and wait for their child to exit. However, most children who meet the 48″ height requirement probably won’t need someone waiting for them at the bottom.

Anyway, the slide part is actually called the Tribulation pirate ship. The Tribulation sits adjacent to the pool.

Moving on to tower five we will run into the first of two lazy rivers at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek. There is a shallow pool area where the lazy river begins.

You can grab an inner tube and enjoy a voyage down the lazy river.

It’s another beautifully landscaped area with a decent amount of shade. The lazy river winds around, before eventually circling back to the same pool area.

The pool at tower four sits on the opposite side of the lazy river. It’s a pleasant area, but pretty standard in comparison to the surrounding pools. With that being said, a quieter pool might be the perfect reprieve on a crowded day.

After leaving the fourth tower, we’ll cross the large bridge that sits on the far side of the lake from the hotel.

Our next pool is located at Club Wyndham’s Vacation Club building, the Puerto DeLeon. It’s also home to the second lazy river at the resort.

This is the largest stand-alone pool at the resort.

On the far right side of the pool, you’ll find the entrance to the lazy river.

Like the rest of the resort, it’s a beautiful area.

You’ll find there are plenty of lounge chairs placed around different portions of the lazy river.

On the left side of the pool, you’ll find a large splash pad with a water play area. I felt like this pool area at the Wyndham offered the largest variety. It might be a good spot if you’re vacationing with several different age groups.

After leaving the main building, we’ll continue on toward tower three. We’ll pass by both towers one and two on the way. Neither of those towers has a pool. They do, however, have a playground, shuffleboard court, cornhole, and mini-golf course between them.

Club Wyndham’s tower three has a small pool with a twisting waterslide. This waterslide is not as daunting as the one at the Pirate Ship Pool. Additionally, this pool area is geared toward smaller children and offers a kiddie pool.

And with that, we have made it full circle back to the Oasis Pool at the Wyndham Grand Orlando Hotel. Now the tough part is deciding which pool to hang out at on your vacation.

Wyndham Bonnet Creek Pools FAQs

  • What are the pool hours? Pool hours at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek pools are between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. These hours may be extended in the hotter months. The resort will provide you with a handout covering the pool rules and hours upon arrival.
  • Are the pools heated? Yes, the pools and lazy river are heated to 82° degrees. This is standard at most resorts in the Orlando area.
  • Are towels provided at Wyndham Bonnet Creek? Hotel guests wearing wristbands can pick up towels at the Oasis pool. You must wear a wristband to receive towels. The hotel will provide you with a wristband at check-in.
  • Are cabana rentals available? Yes, cabana rentals are available at an extra cost to guests on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Below is a look at the cabanas at the Pirate Ship Pool. I thought these looked pretty cool.

While I didn’t do cabana rental here at Bonnet Creek, we did recently rent one at Disney’s Beach Club. It was a fun experience and something I would consider again for a special occasion.

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Overall, the pools at Wyndham Bonnet Creek turned out to be well beyond my expectations. This is one of the best off-property resorts I’ve stayed at to date and I’ll definitely be returning in the future.

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For more information about the Wyndham timeshares, their site is available here.

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Have you stayed at the Wyndham Grand Orlando before? What did you think about the pools? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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