Preview a Deluxe Studio at Disney’s Beach Club Villas

The deluxe studio at Disney’s Beach Club Villas is a great room option when you’re looking for a few extras that aren’t provided in a standard room.

We’ll preview a deluxe studio at Beach Club Villas in this article. Additionally, we’ll take a detailed look at the studio and go over the amenities it offers.

For reference, Disney’s Beach Club Villas make up a separate Disney Vacation Club portion of the resort. Rooms at a Disney Vacation Club are available for members to rent based on a point’s ownership. Or regular guests can rent these rooms from Disney based on availability.

Deluxe studios are a bit of an upgrade over a standard room at a regular resort. Additionally, here are a few differences between a standard room and a deluxe studio.

For instance, deluxe studios have extra amenities like a small kitchenette with a microwave and mini-refrigerator. And the sleeping arrangements are usually a little different from a standard room.

This article was updated on February 11, 2022.

Below is a photo of our room from a recent stay at a deluxe studio at the Beach Club Villas. My friend Kristen, the owner of Firefly Travels, invited me to come along with her team for a few days at the Beach Club.

Since we planned to spend a good deal of time at Epcot and Hollywood Studios, the Beach Club was an ideal choice. Both theme parks are within walking distance of the hotel.

Not only that, but the Beach Club has the best pool in all of Disney World! The resort’s pool area, Stormalong Bay, is massive. So if you enjoy swimming, you’ll want to spend some time here.

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Anyway, the deluxe studio at Beach Club sleeps up to five guests. Below you’ll notice a table with chairs underneath the television area. The table folds down when it’s not in use.

After folding the table, a trundle bed for one guest pulls out. This style of trundle bed is designed for children under the age of twelve.

I should have taken a photo of the trundle bed in a sleeping position. However, we had a cabana reserved at the pool, and I was in a hurry to enjoy it. So, unfortunately, I forgot the photo.

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In the past few years, many of the deluxe villas at Disney World have been remodeled. But unfortunately, the Beach Club’s deluxe studios have not received the updates yet that we’ve seen at some other resorts.

Beach Club’s deluxe studio has one queen size bed and an additional queen size sleeper sofa.

In front of the sofa, a coffee table has a large pull-out drawer offering extra storage.

On this trip, I volunteered to sleep on the sofa bed. Unfortunately, it wasn’t comfortable.

However, I feel like the experience was good to have, and it reiterates my feelings about this kind of sleeper sofa. And that is, you don’t want to have to sleep on one for long.

My advice is if you have someone that has to sleep on a sofa for more than two to three days, don’t reserve one of these rooms. It’s not worth it.

Before I started blogging, my son spent a good nine nights on a sleeper sofa at the Beach Club. He never complained, but he was sore toward the end of the trip, and his neck was hurting.

At the time, he was around 11-12 years old. Over the years, I’ve been careful not to forget the experience and made sure he never had to sleep on a sofa bed again on an extended vacation.

So every time I run across a room with this setup, I try to mention it. Because you may think, oh, my children will be fine on a sofa bed, not realizing the discomfort one might cause.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love to stay here at the Beach Club Villas. It’s just that the sleeper sofa is something you’ll want to consider if someone in your group will have to use it.

Thankfully, most newer resorts and refurbishments have beds that pull down out of the wall in place of a sofa sleeper. Those beds have real mattresses that provide a stable sleeping surface.

You can preview a few of them in these reviews if you like:

For many, the most significant amenity of a deluxe studio is the kitchenette area. There is a full-size coffee maker, microwave, and sink. In addition, the mini-fridge is more significant in size than the ones you would find in a standard room.

The microwave and sink are both bonuses, especially for extended stays when you might like to prepare some meals in your room.

You can do oatmeal in the morning for breakfast. And we’ve microwaved hot dogs and Kraft mac-and-cheese more times than I can count over the years.

Some villas resorts have larger bathrooms like the villas at the Grand Floridian. Those guests have one room with a walk-in shower and a separate room with a tub and shower combination.

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However, that is not the case with the deluxe studio at Beach Club. The vanity area is precisely the same as what you would find in a standard room at the resort.

The bath area consists of a tub with a shower combination.

Standard Disney H2O products are available, along with plenty of extra towels. Note they do not have the built-in toiletries here like they do at some other resorts.

You can reserve a deluxe studio through a travel agent or directly through Disney. When you opt for this method, you’ll receive daily housekeeping. However, services are limited during this time, no matter where you stay.

Those who rent points through the Disney Vacation Club will receive a small refresh with trash and towel service on the fourth day. And you’ll receive full service on the 8th day if you’re staying that length of time.

As far as the room goes, there is a closet with the usual items like an iron with ironing board, in-room safe, vacuum cleaner, and extra blankets with pillows.

Lastly, I wanted to mention that all of the deluxe studios at the Beach Club Villas have a standard balcony. Our room was on the ground floor and looked out to a grassy area.

Balconies are great to have, even if you only use them to apply sunscreen. However, this is not the case in the standard rooms at Beach Club. Some standard rooms have tiny Juliette balconies that barely allow enough room to step outside the door.

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For the deluxe studio, I might request a higher floor if you would like a little more privacy.

Overall, the deluxe studio is an excellent option for a variety of guests. And I’ve said it a million times. You can’t beat the location or the pool at Disney’s Beach Club.

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Since initially writing this article, we’ve visited the resort again, this time to preview the two-bedroom villa at the Beach Club.

What are your thoughts about the deluxe studio room at Disney’s Beach Club? Have you ever slept on one of these sofa beds? How was it? Share your thoughts below in the comments.

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