A Voyage to the Norway Pavilion at Epcot

As we make our way around the World Showcase at Epcot, it seems that we have stumbled upon the Norway Pavilion. Norway is one of the Epcot countries that has an actual ride for an attraction. That ride is Frozen Ever After, which is one of the premier attractions for the park.

With the Frozen ride being so popular, the Norway Pavilion is a country that nearly all guests will end up during their Disney vacation. While you are in Norway, there are quite a few other things to see and do. You might find yourself longing to set sail on a Viking voyage. I think these days they are called “river cruises.” Or you might even begin to wonder how you, too, can grow flowers on your rooftop at home.

The pavilion is also home to the infamous bakery stop for school bread. Now you’re probably hungry.

Anyway, if you are feeling like a Viking stuck on a vessel, feel free to pull out your mightiest helmet, add some horns, and together let’s voyage to the Norway Pavilion at Epcot.

Epcot’s Norway Pavilion

Here’s a summary of what you can expect to find at the Norway Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase:


  • Stave Church Gallery


  • Gods of the Vikings Exhibit
  • Frozen Ever After


  • Meet Anna and Elsa at the Royal Sommerhus


  • Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe (Counter Service)
  • Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (Table Service)


  • The Fjording
  • The Puffin’s Roost
  • Wandering Reindeer

One of the things that you might find interesting while visiting the Norway Pavilion is that it’s the World Showcase’s newest country. The pavilion opened back in 1998. It’s rather unfortunate to think that over twenty years have passed with no new countries added.

The pavilion is set up like a Norwegian village with a courtyard open to dining, shopping, and attractions. Below is the roof of the Stave Church Gallery replica, which is also considered an attraction itself.

There is some information posted around the Stave replica about Norway’s history, as indicated in the picture below. It describes how original structures were created to help protect against the extreme winters in the country.

You’ll also observe detailed intricate wood carvings throughout the pavilion.

Here’s an example of the door framing around the Stave Church Gallery. These types of carvings date back to the 12th century.

For those interested in this type of thing, the Norway Pavilion at Epcot represents the following four types of classic Norwegian architecture: Setesdal, Bergen, Oslo, and Alesund.

Norway is home to three listed attractions. The first is the Stave Church Gallery, which is hosts the Gods of the Vikings exhibit.

This exhibit debuted back in 2018 in the Norway Pavilion. There is a sign installed over the Stave Church replica indicating the entrance. The space inside the gallery is small, but it is designed to walk in on one side and walk out on the opposite.

Inside the exhibit, you’ll find a fair amount of information about the legends of these Viking gods.

One thing that might interest you or your children is that Thor and Loki (the modern-day Marvel heroes) are included.

On the exhibit’s back wall, you’ll find a collection of artifacts dating back to the Viking time period. For me, these kinds of offerings really add a lot of unexpected benefit to a day spent touring the World Showcase.

We’ve talked quite a good bit on the site about the Frozen Ever After ride and again in the Everything Frozen at Disney World review. But for the sake of covering Norway accurately, we’ll go over the basics again.

Frozen Ever After opened in June of 2016 to accommodate the growing fandom of the Frozen franchise. This popular attraction replaced the former Maelstrom Viking boat ride adventure.

This Norway Pavilion attraction does offer a lot of similarities to the former Maelstrom attraction. However, the overlay has completely changed.

You’ll find yourself on an adventure to Elsa’s ice palace, passing favorite Frozen characters along the way. When you finally top the mountain, you’re in for a little rendition of “Let It Go” as Elsa casts you out of the castle. It happens so quickly, you won’t even have time to recognize the direction your vessel has taken.

That might be a little of a dramatic interpretation of the ride, but it’s somewhat on point. There are no height requirements, and the ride is the least bit scary.

Another important reminder here is that the World Showcase doesn’t formally open until 11:00 a.m. Frozen Ever After, however, does open with the rest of the park. You can access the attraction prior to 11:00 a.m. by walking to Norway via the Mexico Pavilion side of the World Showcase.

Entertainment in the Norway Pavilion

The World Showcase pavilions usually all offer entertainment and character meets. However, at this time, those forms of entertainment are not available. The information below details Anna and Elsa’s character meet in Norway. Since character meets are constantly changing you might want to check my review on meeting Anna and Elsa at Disney World.

The Royal Sommerhus is one of the first things you’ll see when visiting the pavilion from the Mexico side. This is the summer dwelling for the two sisters and the only designated place to meet them in the parks.

The home is quite darling and actually makes for a good family photo backdrop. The entrance to the actual meet is around to the left side of the house.

Anna and Elsa meet side-by-side in the same room. First, you’ll get the chance to meet with Anna and have your picture made. After that, you’ll move on down to Elsa.

Dining in the Norway Pavilion

There are two dining options that are both fairly popular in the pavilion. One is associated with characters, while the other an infamous treat.

Kringla Bakeri og Kafe is the Norwegian Bakery where you can pick up the often-talked-about school bread. What is school bread? It’s a type of roll that leans sweet, filled with custard, and garnished with icing and coconut.

If that doesn’t suit your fancy, don’t worry, there are plenty of other tasty treats to try in the bakery’s pastry case.

A few years back, I attended the character breakfast at Akershus for the first time. The food was okay, and the princess interaction makes a visit appealing for anyone who wants to do character meets in a more relaxed environment. But my overall takeaway was that the meal comes in as really expensive compared to the quality of the food at breakfast.

Belle does greet guests at the entrance, and you have the opportunity to meet with Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White, and Ariel while at your table.

The meal consists of an all-you-care-to-enjoy type skillet accompanied by a Norwegian smorgasbord of sorts buffet.

If you would like to learn, I have a full guide to all of the character dining meals at Disney here.

Shops in the Norway Pavilion

Norway is home to three different shops. The first of these stores is The Fjording, which is also where you’ll end up when you exit from riding Frozen Ever After. As you can imagine, this store is home to Frozen merchandise and other Disney-related items.

The Fjording is actually connected to The Puffins Roost and also home to the giant troll statue. The Puffins Roost is where you’ll find specialty items and brands that are from Norway.

Last but not least, on the other side of Norway’s Pavilion is The Wandering Reindeer. This store is actually at the exit of the Royal Sommerhus character meet location. The majority of items in the store are related to Frozen.

If you are looking for Frozen merchandise while on vacation, I would highly recommend visiting this store. They tend to have the widest variety of items. I often see some unique things that may not be available in other stores on property.

Lastly, the Norway Pavilion’s Kidcot is located inside The Puffins Roost. The Kidcot stops are available in each country of the World Showcase. They provide children with a free activity to participate in while touring.

Final Thoughts on the Norway Pavilion

Norway is a country that offers a lot of “Disney” if that is what you are looking for in the World Showcase. I’m not always sold on the idea that so much Frozen belongs here, given how much the real country has to offer.

Norway is beautiful and offers a ton of history that isn’t fully represented in the pavilion. With that being said, I do enjoy the bit of charm that is offered here, and I also really like Frozen.

If you are visiting Norway sometime in the future, don’t forget to check out the Viking exhibit and pick up a treat at Kringla! And no matter what else, make sure to be present, and in the moment, during your vacation time. Sometimes just remembering to take your time in these pavilions makes all the difference in what kind of day you end up having.

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Let me know what you love about Norway or the Norway Pavilion in the comments below. I always love a good viking story!

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