2023 Construction and Refurbishment Progress at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn

Disney’s Boardwalk Inn is undergoing a multi-year refurbishment that includes a decent amount of construction work. However, as of early 2023, we’re beginning to see some visible progress.

Therefore, I thought it was time we took an informal visit to Disney’s Boardwalk Inn to see the updates and scrutinize the changes. Overall, the updates have been positive. Most of us can probably agree that many of these updates were long overdue.

For this timeline of construction at Disney’s Boardwalk, I’ll provide the current updates. Then, when significant progress has been made, we’ll update the timeline with those changes.

So if Disney’s Boardwalk Inn is one of your favorite resorts, you might like to bookmark this timeline and check back now and then for updates. Let’s look at those changes!

The last updates for this article were posted on February 16, 2023.

The Cake Bake Shop

We’ll start with The Cake Bake Shop, a new restaurant set to open in 2023. Below is a photo of the former ESPN Club that took up this far end of the Boardwalk.

Here is a concept drawing of the new restaurant posted on a construction wall.

This photo below was taken in January 2023.

This next image was taken on February 15, 2023. Unfortunately, we can’t see significant changes yet. But it’s nice to know that there is some progress.

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Belle Vue Lounge

When I walked inside the Boardwalk on this visit, I was immediately hit with the scent of new carpet. The interior staircase from the Boardwalk up to the resort’s second floor has received a new rug.

At the top of the staircase, I noticed that the table and chairs had been removed. I’m also curious to see if the payphone booth toward the back of this area will be converted.

Behind the staircase is where you’ll find Belle Vue Lounge. It’s always been one of the coziest spots to take a break at the resort. Here is a photo of the former traditional style.

The entire space has been completely updated. While this isn’t nearly as traditional, I felt it was a Great Gatsby meets modern look.

Thankfully, the lounge still commands that same classy feel as it did before.

This is an excellent spot if you’re staying at the Boardwalk and would like a place to lounge outside your room. You can use the lounge anytime during the day, and bar service is available from 4:00 p.m. until midnight.

Here are a few photos of the new displays inside Belle Vue Lounge.

Look closely at the rug if you’re as fond of hidden Mickeys as I am.

Boardwalk Inn Lobby

So far, we haven’t seen any significant changes to the lobby at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn. But changes are coming.

While the lobby is another excellent place to relax at the Boardwalk, there is a ton of wasted space between the sitting area and the check-in counters.

A considerable portion of the check-in area is currently behind walls.

Here is a photo of what the space looks like.

If you’ve visited the Boardwalk Inn, you likely remember this half-horse, half-mermaid chandelier that centers the main entrance. Will it stay, or will it go?

Time will tell. But there was an entire construction team in the lobby taking notes and discussing things while I was taking a few of these photos.

Carousel Coffee

Carousel Coffee opened in place of Dundy’s Sundries around the first of the year. It received underwhelming reviews because of its simple and drab decor.

Since then, Disney has added a few things to spruce the place up.

Those items include a few fun prints and a small iron table with two chairs in the front window.

One end of the lobby has been converted to tables with chairs.

A few photos and terrariums were added since the original unveiling. So now we’re comparing new to newer.

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Disney recently shared a small glimpse of the new rooms at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn. We can tell from the photo below that the former green carpet has been changed out to solid surface floors.

Platform beds have been added, allowing more storage space. Additionally, the new rooms will have artwork featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse, among other classic characters, as they spend time doing their favorite things on the Boardwalk.

These new rooms should start to roll out any day now. However, if you have an upcoming stay planned, I wouldn’t necessarily expect an updated room.

It will take some time before all the rooms are completed. Once we’re sure to get an updated room, we’ll plan a formal stay to provide a look at the rooms along with a new resort review.

Image Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Other Updates You Might Have Missed

In addition to these updates, we’ve seen a few other newer things at the Boardwalk in recent years. For instance, the former clown slide was removed. Now the paneling features Mickey and Friends.

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However, the waterslide is currently closed and expected to remain closed through March 2023. During this visit, it appeared the work was fairly extensive.

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Last year, the Boardwalk Bakery closed to make room for the Boardwalk Deli.

Disney's Boardwalk Bakery

Not terribly much has changed other than there are more sandwich options. It’s a reasonable counter-service restaurant for the resort.

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As of this update, we’ve covered the visible changes at the resort. We usually walk through the Boardwalk area at least twice a month.

In the meantime, we’ll look forward to other updates along with you. For all of our coverage of the resort, we have a guide:

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What do you think? Do you like the improvements at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn? Are you hopeful the new rooms will turn out nicely? Have you ever stayed here?


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