1. Hi. We’re doing a split stay this winter. We’ll first be staying at the Orlando Hilton Buena Vista Palace and then moving over to the Contemporary. You didn’t mention luggage transfer on this type of split stay. Will the Hilton transfer over our luggage, or do we need to plan to move them ourselves?

    1. Hi. Unfortunately, you will need to move your own luggage when moving from an off-property resort to an on-property resort. While Buena Vista Palace is located by Disney Springs, it’s not part of the Walt Disney World chain of hotels.

  2. I have a question when it comes to booking a split stay. I am planning to stay at all-star Music for 2 nights and 2 nights at Port Orleans. The website will not allow me to book more than 3 park pass days for the first booking. So that leaves me with havign to buy a park pass for every day I am there. I don’t necessarily want to go to the park all 5 days. Should I just buy the park passes separately rather than as a package? That leaves me with another issue. I saw a lot of people are having issues with ADR. The 60 days advance booking isn’t recognizing the second hotel. Do you know if this is still an issue? Thank you!!!

    1. Hi, you will probably want to call and have Disney bridge your reservation. I always use a travel agent to handle these details. However, I visit with an annual pass, so I don’t have the same issue with tickets.

      Since ticket prices vary by date now, you would want to talk with someone at Disney or an authorized travel agent about how many days you’ll have to use your tickets after you purchase them.

      For instance, you might purchase a five-day ticket and have an eight-day window to select which five days you’ll visit the parks.

      As for dining, it’s been my experience that when the reservations are bridged, you can make reservations seamlessly for your entire stay. If not, you might have to wait those additional days to make the other reservations.

      I hope this helps and that you have a wonderful trip!

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