1. Thanks for the info. On a no kids trip which hotel would you prefer, taking into account the pools: Swan/Dolphin or Beach/Yacht Club?

    1. This is a tough question. Overall my preference would be Yacht Club for a no-kids trip OR I would go with whichever hotel had the best price. You can’t go wrong with any of them though!

  2. How are the changing room facilities and bathrooms? We will check out of our room and hang by the pool for much of our day of departure. Just wondering since we had stayed at the Yacht Club last year and they had a nice changing room which came in handy once we checked out.

    1. Last summer, I did the same thing on our departure day. I used the restrooms on the Swan side next to the pool and gym. Several shower stalls were available with room to change. There were also toiletries and a hairdryer. I remember thinking it was a nice area.

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