The Pools at Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Resort

This article discusses the pools at Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Resort. Below is a brief prelude in memory of a friend who inspired me to start this site.

Once upon a time, I spent a day at the pool at Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Resort. If I remember correctly, I was probably on some form of social media (the one with the little blue bird) bragging about the weather. The weather, of all things.

Something in me began to awaken around that time, and things have never been the same since. I wish I could credit my relaxing pool day at the Swan and Dolphin for my awakening, but I can’t.

Anyway, you didn’t come here to read about how I got into Disney blogging. You came here (more than likely) to check out the pools at Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Resort.

And I figure I’m probably the best person to tell you about them given the time I’ve spent there over the years.

It’s a great pool.

And if you stay at Disney’s Swan or Dolphin hotel, you’ll get to take advantage of the tremendous pool area. How tremendous? The pool area consists of five different pools covering an expansive three acres.

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The feature pool shared between the resorts is located on the Dolphin side. It is called the Grotto pool and has a waterslide, rock cave, and waterfall.

There’s a volleyball net where you’ll usually find a group of kids getting up a game.

Below is where the waterslide comes out. Behind this area, there’s a stairway built into the rocks to access it.

The cave portion of the Swan and Dolphin’s Grotto pool is a delightful place to cool off.

The waterfall is one of those moments of zen-type features. Not only is it pleasing to look at, but the sound of the water hitting the pool is soothing as well.

These are the most coveted seats at the pool during the sunnier portion of the day.

What’s not to like? Hot day, cool water, nice shade? These seats literally provide the perfect place to enjoy a sunny day at Disney World.

Between the Swan and Dolphin, there are four different whirlpools. That is the new Swan Reserve hotel in the background of the photo below.

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Guests of the new hotel will be able to use the Swan and Dolphin pools. However, the Swan Reserve will have its own pool.

An update provides a look at the pool.

The views from the Grotto Pool at the Swan and Dolphin are pleasant.

The Grotto pool is extensive.

On the other side of the Grotto is the Spring pool.

This is a casual pool area that’s usually a little less crowded.

Directly behind the Spring Pool is the lap pool on the Dolphin side. It is a long pool and a pretty popular area.

If you are walking out the Dolphin’s side entrance, it’s the first pool you’ll encounter. The Cabana Bar and Beach Club sits alongside the lap pool.

This dining stop offers table service and mobile ordering along with a walk-up bar.

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On the far back corner of the Swan and Dolphin’s pool area is the kiddie pool. This is one of those wading pools that’s fairly shallow with a zero-entry on one side.

The seating area behind the kiddie pool is extremely private and offers a nice amount of shade.

In addition to the pool area, the Swan and Dolphin have a beautiful white sand beach. There are plenty of recreation activities available like volleyball, watercraft rentals, and ping pong tables.

A playground sits near the beach area. It has child-friendly rubber flooring.

Back on the Swan side of the resort is their leisure pool. It’s similar to the lap pool on the Dolphin side.

Private cabanas are available for rent if you desire.

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A bar area (Splash) sits outside the Swan’s lap pool. If you are looking for a meal to enjoy at the pool, you’ll do better mobile ordering from the Cabana Grill.

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The pools at Disney’s Swan and Dolphin are some of the nicest you’ll find. The only pool at Disney that I really like better than this one is Stormalong Bay. It’s located next door at Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

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In the comments: What do you think of the pools at Disney’s Swan and Dolphin? Does this look like a place you’d enjoy spending a resort day?


  1. Thanks for the info. On a no kids trip which hotel would you prefer, taking into account the pools: Swan/Dolphin or Beach/Yacht Club?

    1. This is a tough question. Overall my preference would be Yacht Club for a no-kids trip OR I would go with whichever hotel had the best price. You can’t go wrong with any of them though!

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