Disney’s Polynesian Resort Transportation Options

Planning an upcoming stay at Disney’s Polynesian? You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the transportation options available at the Polynesian before your arrival.

One of the most important aspects of planning a Disney vacation is learning transportation options. If you plan your trip and forget to study up on how to get to and from your resort, you’ll find yourself at a loss while on vacation. Or worse, lost.

Not only that, each resort offers different modes of transportation. So things can get confusing. For this review, we’ll look at all of the transportation options available at the Polynesian.

Since Disney’s Polynesian is a deluxe resort, they offer multiple types of transportation. Those options include the resort monorail, resort watercraft, and Disney’s bus service. Additionally, walking to Magic Kingdom is an option if you don’t mind the distance.

Below we have a photo of the new entrance and monorail platform at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Thankfully, Disney’s monorails are all operating again.

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Polynesian Transportation Options

When staying at the Polynesian, you’ll want to know the best transportation modes to get to and from the resort. Here’s what I’ll specifically cover below:

  • How to get to the Magic Kingdom from the Polynesian
  • Transportation Options for traveling to Epcot from the Polynesian
  • How to get to Hollywood Studios from the Polynesian
  • Traveling to the Animal Kingdom from the Polynesian

Polynesian Transportation to Magic Kingdom

The monorail is the most popular mode of Polynesian transportation to the Magic Kingdom. To access the monorail, you’ll need to walk over to the Great Ceremonial House (lobby) of the Polynesian. From there, you’ll head up to the second floor.

There is an elevator on one side of the lobby and staircases on either side. When you reach the monorail platform, you will have to go through security. However, when you reach Magic Kingdom, you’ll still be within the secure area and can walk straight up to the ticket gate.

The resort monorail stops at the Magic Kingdom and surrounding resorts. You will have one stop at the Grand Floridian before making your way to Magic Kingdom.

Guests on the side of the resort closest to the Transportation and Ticket Center might elect to walk over to it when taking the monorail.

The walkway between the Polynesian and Transportation and Ticket Center is rather short. Pago Pago, Tokelau, and Moorea will be the closest longhouses to the Transportation and Ticket Center.

Once you reach the Transportation and Ticket Center you can take the Express monorail directly to Magic Kingdom. Or you can take the resort monorail, just know it will stop at the Polynesian and Grand Floridian on your way to the park.

Along with the monorail service, there are a few other options for visiting the Magic Kingdom from the Polynesian. The first option is the resort’s boat service.

The water launch goes from the Polynesian to Magic Kingdom. After that, it returns to Grand Floridian before arriving back at the Polynesian.

The boat service from the Polynesian to Magic Kingdom begins one-half hour before park opening. It continues until 45 minutes after the park closes.

And the newest transportation option you have for accessing the Magic Kingdom from the Polynesian is walking! And if you’ve been around the site, you know that walking is always my recommendation when possible.

Guests can walk from the Polynesian to the Grand Floridian. Then they can take the walkway from the Grand Floridian to Magic Kingdom.

The walk will take approximately 25 minutes from the Great Ceremonial House to the Magic Kingdom at an average pace. In my opinion, it beats standing in a long line for the monorail or boats, especially at park close.

Transportation to Epcot from the Polynesian Resort

Since the Epcot monorail is back in full swing, bus service to and from the Polynesian has been discontinued. Guests will need to take the walkway from the resort to the Transportation and Ticket Center.

Once arriving at the center, you’ll first go through security. Then you’ll want to join the line for the monorail to Epcot.

The monorail ride to Epcot is approximately 15 minutes long. You’ll actually ride through a portion of the park before exiting again and arriving at the front entrance.

Once you exit, you’ll head down the platform and remain in a secured area. This allows you to walk directly to the turnstiles instead of having to go through another security checkpoint.

In the event of inclement weather or the monorail goes down, bus service will be provided to and from the resort.

Polynesian Transportation to Hollywood Studios

When traveling to and from Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you’ll need to use Disney bus transportation. The Polynesian bus stop is located in front of Lilo’s Playhouse and the monorail line. It’s only a few steps away from the Great Ceremonial House.

It takes approximately 15 minutes to get to Hollywood Studios from the Polynesian.

Polynesian Transportation to Animal Kingdom

Those looking to get from the Polynesian to Disney’s Animal Kingdom will want to take the resort bus service as well. The bus ride from the Polynesian to Animal Kingdom is also approximately 15 minutes.

Additionally, Disney’s Polynesian buses provide service to these other destinations:

If you would like to learn more about getting around Disney Springs, there is a full guide with different Disney Springs transportation tips.

Here are a few other transportation tips for the Polynesian Resort.

  • To get from the Polynesian to the Contemporary Resort, you’ll want to take the monorail.
  • If you are heading over to Disney’s Boardwalk from the Polynesian, take a bus to Hollywood Studios. Then you can walk over to the Boardwalk. (Check that the buses are running if you have an early breakfast or late dinner.)
  • On the way way back, if you are out later than planned, take a bus from the Boardwalk to Magic Kingdom. After arriving at Magic Kingdom, you can walk, take a boat, or monorail back to the Polynesian. Remember that all of these tips are subject to Disney’s transportation hours of operation.
  • In the event the parks are already closed, take a bus to Disney Springs. From there, take a bus back to the Polynesian.

Ultimately, a Disney vacation requires a good deal of planning. Here at Resorts Gal, I like to focus on the time you’ll spend at the resorts. That includes getting to and from them.

The most popular transportation review as of late is the Disney Skyliner Stops and Travel Times. Most guests visiting want to ride the Skyliner. While it’s not complicated, you definitely need to know your options.

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In conclusion, I hope these tips were able to help you get a good idea of transportation at the Polynesian. They come from many years of experience traveling around Walt Disney World.

Leave a comment below with your thoughts or favorite transportation options at the Polynesian.

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