Sassagoula Floatworks & Food Factory Review

The last time I visited Sassagoula Floatworks & Food Factory was a few years ago before the world turned upside down. It was an afternoon in the late Spring of the year, and I had visited Disney’s French Quarter Resort for a jog at the end of the day.

Back then, I was staying in the Orlando area almost full-time. Often, I would work on the website during the day. Then, I would head over to a resort for a jog in the evenings. This practice helped me familiarize myself with the different resorts at Disney World and their layouts.

Additionally, I have more than a few fond memories from this time in my life. You see, at that time, this website went by another name. And I tried to cover everything at Disney World, which felt impossible.

So it turns out that these evening resort visits helped me clarify what I actually love the most about Disney…the resorts.

Anyway, you came here to read about Sassagoula Floatworks, not the history of this site. But I can’t help but reminisce about what I had for dinner at this very restaurant after my jog that evening, a beignet burger with fries.

And that burger was the best counter service Disney burger I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, it hasn’t returned to the menu here yet. But at this point, I think we can focus on being glad that the resort is finally open.

So if you’re planning an upcoming stay, here’s what you can expect as far as counter service goes.

Sassagoula Floatworks & Food Factory is located at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter. At the time of this visit, the restaurant was open daily from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.

These are pretty standard hours of operation. However, I recommend checking the exact hours during your visit, in case the hours are reduced. If you’re staying here, you can check the My Resort Details section of the My Disney Experience App.

French Quarter is the smaller of the two Port Orleans Resorts. It has a boutique feel, with all of the resort’s amenities centrally located in or around the lobby. Even the pool at French Quarter sits directly behind the lobby.

Sassagoula Floatworks is on your far left after entering the lobby from the main entrance. You’re greeted with this large, open space.

A few menus are rotating on the screens at the entrance. Or you can scan the QR code to place a mobile order. However, while mobile order is convenient, it is not required.

At this time, the signature burger was the pimento bacon cheeseburger. And there is also an Impossible Barbeque Market Burger. I don’t know about you, but the prime rib dip looks pretty tasty.

This American-themed menu included a few other items: bacon cheddar cheeseburger, cheddar cheeseburger, pulled pork sandwich, grilled chicken sandwich, and chicken strips.

Kid’s meals included a cheeseburger and chicken strips. And the bakery has a Mardi Gras King Cake, cupcake, ice cream, and similar items.

Here are a few other items.

If the photo above is difficult to see, items in the pizza and pasta section include chicken parmesan pasta, pasta with meatballs, a large pizza, and a super slice of pizza.

The salad and sandwich menu has a turkey sandwich, roasted salmon dinner, pot roast, and Walt Disney’s favorite chili served in a bread bowl.

If you see any Walt Disney items on the menu, those are likely temporary items created for the 50th anniversary. Almost every dining location will have some kind of special offering for the 18 month-long celebration.

You can find items like Mickey waffles, breakfast platters, kids’ meals, omelets, pastries, wraps, and breakfast sandwiches at breakfast.

As far as decor goes, Sassagoula Floatworks & Food Factory underwent a significant refurbishment several years ago. As a result, many might argue that the theming of the location went from over-the-top to bland.

However, I think this resort’s quick service is tastefully decorated. There is a subtle charm in the design and fun references to The Big Easy.

If you’re staying at the resort, you’ll find a few grab-and-go items. There were several fruits and cereal options near the registers. Most of the snack items like bags of chips and candy are across the lobby at the French Quarter’s gift shop.

A tremendous refrigerated case sits in the middle of the food court.

Make sure to walk all the way around the cooler. It’s packed full of juice, milk, soda, beer, fruit, yogurt, and sports drinks. I was shocked at how many items this thing could hold.

The actual food court is made up of different sections. If you elect, you can walk up to the area of your choice and place an order.

After the order is prepared, you can take it to the cash register and pay.

Or you can mobile order. Then, when you receive the notification that your order is ready, you’ll show the cast member your order number, and they’ll direct you to the correct station to receive it.

When you use mobile order, you pay on your phone at the time you place the order. I especially recommend mobile ordering in the evenings when it’s late, and you are on your way back from the parks.

Order your food on the bus. And as soon as the bus pulls up to the resort, tap the “I’m here, prepare my order.” Then take your time walking over to pick up your order. Hopefully, it will save a little time and keep you from standing in another line at the end of the day.

Anyway, there are a few more items available we haven’t discussed yet. There were a variety of freshly baked cookies and coffees.

And true Creole classics like Jambalaya and Gumbo. You can preview the entire menu here on Disney’s site.

We’ll walk around the beverage station, which divides the large dining room in half. There is a toaster and microwave available if needed.

Soda machines are now those large drink mixers where you can select your favorite flavor(s), and the machine spits it out in your cup.

Lastly, here is a look at one side of the large dining room at Sassagoula Floatworks.

However, right outside, there are several tables with chairs. It’s hard to beat an al fresco lunch here when the weather is nice enough. The surrounding atmosphere of the resort is charismatic.

It’s where I enjoyed that big, juicy beignet burger after my jog. But, of course, I wouldn’t have dared to eat inside after such a workout.

Hopefully, this review provided you with an idea of what you can expect to find at Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory. There’s definitely a reason we mention having a meal here in our review of the best quick services at the Disney Resorts.

Oh, and in case you were wondering about beignets.

Beignets are available at Scat Cat’s Club Cafe next door to Sassagoula. An order comes in a variety of sizes with your choice of dipping sauce.

For more information about Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter, you can preview all of our articles related to the resort here. Or you might enjoy some of our other Disney World Resort Reviews. Here are a few:

So, have you ever enjoyed a meal at Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

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