The Muppets nuiMOs with Kermit & Miss Piggy

The latest nuiMOs have dropped on shopDisney featuring Kermit & Miss Piggy! These adorable Muppets nuiMOs are perfect to add to your growing plush collection.

Let’s take a look! But I have to warn you the Kermit NuiMOs is super cute!

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Kermit Disney nuiMOs Plush – The Muppets

Feeling green? Kermit is perfect for adding a little cheer to those gloomy days! And with Springtime just around the corner, he’s perfect with his bright green color! Find your “rainbow connection” with this Kermit nuiMOs!

Image Courtesy of shopDisney

Find Kermit here on shopDisney.

Kermit Disney nuiMOs Plush with Navy Sailing Blazer with Khaki Pants Set – The Muppets

Now if you are wondering where to take Kermit, I have a few ideas. This dressy sailor suit is too cute. I can imagine it now, you and Kermit dining out for Sunday brunch! The only question is, what are you going to wear?

Image Courtesy of shopDisney

This adorable sailor outfit is available here on shopDisney.

Miss Piggy Disney nuiMOs Plush – The Muppets

Or maybe you would like Kermit to have his own date? Well, have I got a plan for you! Pair him with the one and only Miss Piggy.

Don’t worry, if Kermit really does end up feeling green, this gal can always hold her own. Miss Piggy’s nuiMOs will add just enough boldness and pomp to give you the courage to dine alone! Well, she’ll still be by your side.

Image Courtesy of shopDisney

Miss Piggy can be found here on shopDisney.

Miss Piggy Disney nuiMOs Plush with Striped Shirt, Red Sweater, and Sunglasses – The Muppets

The only thing is, it’s going to be challenging to find an outfit that doesn’t outshine this one! You’ll have to plan in advance when you take your Miss Piggy nuiMOs out with you in this fashionable look.

Image Courtesy of shopDisney

Pick up this sweet yet sophisticated look for your nuiMOs here on shopDisney.

Minnie Mouse Disney nuiMOs Plush and White Coat with Tweed Dress and Crossbody Set

Or you might prefer this classic (reminds me of Chanel) look with tweed, cream, and a crossbody. Isn’t it so much fun how you can interchange these outfits?

Image Courtesy of shopDisney

Love it! Find this timeless outfit here for your favorite plush!

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – Hoodie with Overalls

And on those days you are feeling a little hip-hop, make sure to dress your favorite plush in these darling overalls with a hoodie. There are even matching sunglasses!

Image Courtesy of shopDisney

Available here on shopDisney while supplies last.

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As much as I would love to share all the new Muppets nuiMOs looks here it would be too difficult! You can view the availability of the entire collection here on shopDisney! What did you think of the Kermit nuiMOs?

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