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Skyliner Map at Disney

The Disney Skyliner opened on September 29, 2019, and is the newest form of Disney transportation. In this review, we will take a look at the Disney Skyliner map. It shows us that the new gondola system services two theme parks and four Walt Disney World Resorts.

This post aims to cover what you need to know if you have a vacation planned around the Fall opening date. If you are looking for the most current information make sure to check out our up-to-date review:

The Disney Skyliner: Resorts, Travel Times, & Details

Disney Skyliner Map

If you have had an opportunity to stay at a Walt Disney World Resort recently you might have noticed this map of the Skyliner gondola system.

Disney Skyliner Map

The Disney Skyliner will service the following resorts as shown on the map:

Additionally, guests will have the opportunity to board the Disney Skyliner at the following theme parks:

  • Epcot (International Gateway Entrance)
  • Hollywood Studios

Gondola Theming

The gondola’s feature classic character theming. There are so many that it’s hard to keep up. If you have a favorite character it is more than likely propelling through the air right now on a Skyliner Gondola at Walt Disney World.

Above we have a look at The Princess and the Frog and below Monsters Inc.

And this next gondola features the Sugar Rush Racers from the Wreck-It Ralph franchise.

Taking it way back below is Smee from the original classic Peter Pan. This one is running in my top 5 favorites and is probably a contender for the winner in my book.

When you visit Walt Disney World you are probably going to be in for a shock. There are so many changes taking place right now. It is really an exciting time to visit and see the progress that has been made.

For instance, the entire entrance to Disney’s Hollywood Studios has been updated. The new bus stops are also open and located just behind the Skyliner Gondola station below.

If you visit Walt Disney World by car and end up driving down Buena Vista you get to see air traffic. It’s kind of neat to sit in your car at a traffic light. The gondolas seem to move on and pass you by while you wait.

I wonder at what point will we make the statement, “We should have taken the Skyliner, it would have been faster.” or “We wouldn’t have been sitting in traffic if we had taken the Skyliner.”

To be fair there will probably be some days when a thunderstorm pops up. Then we can make statements like, “Whew, glad we took the bus, wouldn’t want to be hanging out up there right now.” Let’s face it, we really don’t know how these types of things will work until the Skyliner has had a chance to operate for a couple of months.

Turn Around Station

Anyway, below is a look at the turn around station just off Buena Vista at the Epcot Resorts Blvd on the Boardwalk side. If you aren’t quite familiar with the area this picture was taken from the walkway to Disney’s Hollywood Studios from the Boardwalk. If you are traveling to/from Epcot on the gondola this is where you will slow down and make a ninety-degree turn.

This is the latest progress on the Disney Skyliner for now. We will report back with full coverage after the system is up and running a bit. For now, the most important thing is to know if the opening date will fall before your Disney vacation.

One of the most important things to know at Walt Disney World is how to use the free transportation that is provided. Being up to date and familiar with the best way to get around property will save you precious vacation time. Plus you are more than likely going to want to go home and brag to all your friends and family about the views you got from the gondolas.

I for one can’t wait for this new view of Walt Disney World! Especially gondola’s at sunset!

Final Thoughts

The Skyliner is said to seat about 10 people, but we’ve yet to see that many guests actually share a gondola.

If you are interested in brushing up on transportation be sure to check out the Disney World Monorail guide or find out more about taking the ferry to Magic Kingdom.

Additionally, we have a full guide on Disney Friendship boats for anyone staying around Crescent Lake. They are the ones that travel between Epcot to Hollywood Studios and service the Epcot resorts. They also travel across the lagoon from Future World to World Showcase inside Epcot.

Lastly, I have a full guide on Disney Springs transportation.

If you have any questions or feedback feel free to leave a comment. Hopefully, this information was helpful and thanks for sharing, it helps a lot.

Resorts Gal specializes in providing information specific to the Walt Disney World Resorts and surrounding Orlando Area. You might enjoy our article, The Best Marriotts Near Disney World for a few great off-property options. And Disney’s Swan and Dolphin is a great on-site option that’s owned and operated by Marriott.

Have you had the chance to ride the Skyliner yet?

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