Restaurants Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge


  1. Hi there. Thanks for all the great info. We’re planning on visiting from the UK in July, but I have a very fussy eater in my 12 year old. You mentioned above that you sometimes order a kids meal. The Disney menu suggests this is for under 9s only. Is that not really the case as I can see her eating the kids menu food but not much of the adult food.

    Also, would you recommend a Savanna room or is that just a waste as you can view the animals from the grounds?

    1. Hi, at the table service restaurants, they usually prefer that you order an adult’s meal. However, when my son was that age, they would usually bring him an adult’s portion of chicken tenders if he didn’t want an item off the adult section.

      Now at the counter service and quick service locations, you can order kids’ meals for anyone. I nearly always do if I’m in the parks or resorts and need a quick bite to eat. Just this last week I had a kids’ meal at Regal Eagle at Epcot and another one at Columbia Harbor House at Magic Kingdom.

      If you plan to spend a good deal of time in your room the savanna room is worth it. It’s one of the few rooms I recommend upgrading the views, especially if you think your children will enjoy it. But if it comes down to budget, I’m always happy to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It’s a magnificent resort.

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