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The Latest Minnie Mouse Ears by Disney

New Minnie Mouse Ears come out all the time. Some are so popular that they sell out quickly and are never restocked. Others tend to come and go from time to time. There are even Minnie ears that get released online and never make it to the parks. And vice versa.

When it comes to Minnie Mouse ears there are so many different options available for Disney fans worldwide. It’s hard to keep up with all the different styles on shopDisney alone.

With that thought in mind, I try to keep a timeline of Minnie Mouse ears. When new sets are released, I add them to the top of this review. I usually try to add in the month they were released for reference.

Below each set of ears there’s a link to check availability on shopDisney. There you can also read more details and purchase them if you like. The idea is to have a running list of everything that’s available and allow you to also see the latest styles.

This has worked really well to date for the Disney Dooney and Bourke timeline and the Disney Loungefly backpacks. You can reference those if you are a fan of either.

Additionally, the links in this review are affiliate links. That means the website receives a small commission if you were to purchase something through one of the links. This comes at no cost to you and helps support the business.

One of the main reasons I started these timelines is because it’s very difficult to find all the products and compare them at the same time. Hopefully, this review will help you to see all your options for Minnie Mouse Ears!


Minnie Mouse Ears

We have a couple of pairs of Minnie Mouse ears that are available on shopDisney. We’ll start with the latest releases. Two newer sets have been released this past month.

I also have to admit, I’ve spent a lot of time in the parks lately. There are several new releases we haven’t seen online yet. For anyone visiting in the near future, I recommend checking out the pizza ears in Italy.

Additionally, there are two different options in France. One of those has Minnie ears shaped like macarons (they were heavy!). The other pair I recently saw had a nice toile print on the ears.

Here are the Minnie Ears!

Minnie Mouse Sequined Loungefly Wristlet – Mint (New June 2021)

These beautiful mint green ears were released in June on shopDisney. They are quite the lovely pair.

Find them here while available.

Minnie Mouse Striped Ear Headband (May 2021)

Oh, these are pretty! I can’t imagine they will last long. The plated rainbow room compliments the dark blue velour fabric. And those are shiny rhinestones on the ears!

Image Courtesy of shopDisney

Find them here on shopDisney.

Loki Ear Headband

Marvel Fans out there? You’ll love these new Loki Minnie Ears! I have to admit they are pretty sharp. Trying to remember if Loki is considered a hero now or a villain? It’s so hard to keep up!

Image Courtesy shopDisney

Regardless you can sport your best Loki look with these ears here on shopDisney.

Winnie the Pooh Classic Ear Headband – Epcot

I just can’t with these. Look how adorable! There’s even a little honey bee!

Image shopDisney

Find them here while they last on shopDisney.

Minnie Mouse Sequined Ear Headband with Bow – Lavender & Pink (April 2021)

These fun new ears provide a pop of purple along with a shiny pink bow! You don’t even have to pick between your two favorite colors with this option.

Find them here on shopDisney.

Minnie Mouse Sequined Ear Headband with Bow – Hot Pink & Gold (April 2021)

If purple and pastels aren’t your thing, you might up to go with these vibrant hot pink Minnie earas accented with a golden bow.

These sparkling ears are available here on shopDisney.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tropical Ear Headband (April 2021)

These are adorable! Headed to Aulani? Or spending the week at Disney’s Polynesian Resort?

These ears would be perfect!

Check them out here while supplies last.

Disney Parks Minnie Mouse Ear Headband by Loungefly (March 2021)

This pair of Minnie Mouse ears has a little sparkle to it. Don’t forget the matching wallet here.

Find these Disney Parks Minnie Mouse Ears here on shopDisney while available.

Minnie Mouse Sequined Ear Headband – Iris (March 2021)

Looking for something Spring? That’s when the flowers begin to bloom and look at the ruffles on this “Iris” pair of Minnie Mouse Ears. These are floral in a subtle way.

Find these here on shopDisney.

Mickey Mouse Graduation Cap Ear Headband – Class of 2021

I think you know if these ears are for you! And I hope your graduation (or the one you are buying these for) will be a great success! What a special pair of ears for a special occasion.

These are available here while supplies last on shopDisney.

Minnie Mouse Ear Headband with Bow – Tweed & Pearl

Tweed, pearls and those Minnie Mouse icons ? What more could you ask for in a new set of Minnie Mouse Ears? I’ve been watching for this one in the coming soon and have to admit this is the prettiest I’ve seen in quite some time. If classic is your look or you are a fan of Chanel but have a strict budget to adhere to, these are the ears for you!

Image shopDisney

Find them here on shopDisney. (Ugh! These sold out, I’ll keep the link up in case the restock.)

Minnie Mouse Donut Ear Headband

These Minnie ears look almost too yummy to eat…I mean…wear. This new pair of Minnie Mouse ears feature a frosted donut look, sprinkles and all. I think this pretty pink sequin bow is a nice match considering it’s such a “sweet” look.

Image shopDisney

Find them here while available on shopDisney.

Pandora – The World of Avatar Light-Up Na’vi Ear Headband

I debated whether to share these or not. But we’ve yet to see a lot of new Minnie Ears so far this year, so why not?

Image shopDisney

Find these Na’vi light up ears here on shopDisney while they last.

Minnie Mouse Ear Headband for Adults – Lunar New Year 2021

These ears are bright and sparkly for the Lunar New Year in 2021. There is a lot of red complemented by gold detailing.

Minnie Mouse Lunar Ears
Image shopDisney

Sold Out.

Mickey Mouse Ear Headband – Walt Disney World 2021

There are two new sets of ears representing the Disney parks. Below is a look at the Walt Disney World pair.

2021 Disney Parks Minnie Ears
Image shopDisney

Sold Out.

And check out the pair for Disneyland here.

Minnie Mouse Ears – Champagne

The most recent set of ears in December of 2020 is this champagne set. They are bright, shiny, and ready for the New Year.

Champagne Minnie Ears
Image shopDisney

You can check out more details about the champagne Minnie ears here while they are available.

Little Mermaid Minnie Ears Ariel

These are really pretty in person like they are in the photo. Fans of The Little Mermaid will probably want to pick up this pair while they are available. The sequin ears are nice. Thinking back, it seems like the purple might have been a little lighter than they appear.

The Little Mermaid Ears Minnie Mouse
Image shopDisney

Find these stunning ears here on shopDisney. (December)

Minnie Mouse Ear Headbands in Cornflower Blue

Here is a pretty pair of cornflower blue ears that are available on shopDisney.

Cornflower Blue Minnie Ears
Image shopDisney

You can find them here. These were a December release.

Disney Princess Sequined Ear Headband with Tiara

While I have not seen these in the parks to date, they do go very princess with the tiara center. This headband is listed online as coral, but they appear to be more of a blush color to me.

Minnie Mouse Ears Tiara
Image shopDisney

Find them here while they last. (December)

Minnie Mouse Snowflake Balloon Light-Up Ears Headband

Light your winter season with these light-up ears featuring balloons with snowflakes.

Light Up Balloon Snow Minnie Mouse Ears
Image shopDisney

Find these here while available on shopDisney. (November)

Minnie Mouse Ears – Black & White Polka Dot

Personally, these are my Disney style. I absolutely love the classic black and white look. And who wears it better than Minnie Mouse herself? Or maybe you with these ears?

They are adorable and really would go dressy or casual.

Black Ears Minnie Mouse with White Bow
Image shopDisney

Find this classic Minnie Mouse ears headband here on shopDisney. (November)

Minnie Mouse Ears – Wishes Come True Blue

This newer line of Wishes Come True Blue benefits the Make a Wish Foundation. Disney will donate a portion of the proceeds from each product sale to this wonderful organization. And what’s not to like about these true blue ears? They are pretty special.

Wishes Blue Minnie Ears
Image shopDisney

Find them here while available on shopDisney. (November)

And there is a set of adjustable ears from the same collection here.

Minnie Mouse Ears – Sequined Leopard Print

These ears came out last October and have been really popular. Animal print is huge for the winter season, and these are gorgeous!

Leopard Minnie Ears
Image shopDisney

Sold Out.

Minnie Mouse Ears – Celestial

This is one of my favorite sets of ears I’ve seen to date. And trust me, over the years I’ve seen a lot of Minnie Mouse ears. Between the pop of purple and silver stars accents, this glittery black ear headband works perfectly.

Celestial Ears Disney Minnie Mouse
Image shopDisney

If you love them as much as I do, pick up a pair here on shopDisney while available! (October)

Minnie Mouse Ears – Briar Rose Gold Ear

Match the castle with these Briar Rose gold Minnie ears! They have such a pretty sparkle and I think they would go great with neutrals too!

Briar Rose Gold Ears Minnie
Image shopDisney

Find them here on shopDisney.

Minnie Mouse Ear Headband – Up

Up, up, and away! Wouldn’t it be nice if these Up Minnie Ears could transport us away to our own personal Paradise Falls? The bow has a sky print and is tied off with a grape soda pin.

Up Ears Disney
Image shopDisney

Check these sentimental ears out here on shopDisney. (October)

Minnie Mouse Ears – Sequined Polka Dot

Anyone looking for something classic, will enjoy these polka dots in sequins with a red bow!

Image shopDisney

Check them out here on shopDisney. (October)

Minnie Mouse Headband – Bordeaux

Spice up the winter season with this pair of Bordeaux velvet Minnie Mouse ears! They are so soft and the padded ears are covered in sequins.

Image shopDisney

Check them out here on shopDisney! (Late September Release)

Minnie Mouse Ears – Lilac

Be still my heart, purple is my favorite color, and I love the shade of these Lilac Minnie Mouse Sequin Ears. They almost have an Ariel vibe to them!

Image shopDisney

These pretty ears are available here while they last!

Minnie Mouse Ears – Black Sequins with Red Velvet Bow

These darling Minnie ears feature black sequins with a shiny velvet bow. They sure are spiffy.

Image shopDisney

Check availability for the velvet bow ears here on shopDisney.

Minnie Mouse Ears – Confetti

These remind me of Alice in Wonderland for whatever reason, but they are called Confetti Minnie Mouse Ears! I like the contrast of dark to light colored confetti between the bow and the ears.

Image shopDisney

View all the specifics for this headband here while it’s available.

Black and Gold Bow Sequin Minnie Mouse Ears

Step out in style with these black and gold ears. These would look cute with a dressier outfit. Or they would also look really good with grey or navy casual wear.

Image shopDisney

These classy ears can be found here on shopDisney.

Minnie Mouse Animal Print Ears – Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom fans, this pair of ears are the ones for you! They have that giraffe look with shiny brown bow.

Image shopDisney

Check these out here on shopDisney.

Minnie Mouse Ear Headband – Black and White

Several of these Minnie ears are kind of similar but the difference with this set is that they are full sequin. Meaning the bow, band, and ears are covered in the shiny good stuff.

Image shopDisney

These are available here on shopDisney.

Minnie Mouse Ears Headband – Mexico Epcot World Showcase

All of the countries in the World Showcase have had feature ears over the past few years. Here are the latest ones for Mexico.

Minnie Mouse Ears Mexico
Image shopDisney

These can be found here on shopDisney. Make sure to check out the opposite side of this pair.

Disney Cruise Line Ears

I hope that if you are into the whole Disney cruising thing that you’ll be able to return to your travels before you know it. In the meantime, you might like to check out a few of the Cruise Line ears.

Minnie Mouse Rose Gold Disney Cruise Line Ear Headband

These are pretty and would probably work fine for a stay at the Yacht Club as well.

Image shopDisney

Find them here on shopDisney.

Minnie Mouse Disney Cruise Line Ear Headband

Truth be told, any of the Minnie ears would work well anywhere Disney-related. These are sharp with the blue and red contrast.

Image shopDisney

Find them here on shopDisney.

This wraps up the latest styles of Minnie Mouse Ears Headbands. Make sure to bookmark this page to your browser if you would like to see the latest releases. I try to check for new styles a couple of times per week on these to keep it updated.

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Don’t forget to pack your Minnie Mouse Ears!

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