New! Haunted Mansion Merchandise on shopDisney

Most of the Haunted Mansion Merchandise in this article has sold out. We’ll add new merchandise to this article when it becomes available later this year.

A whole new lineup of Haunted Mansion merchandise was released on shopDisney. We’ll take a look at some of these great new items below. But be warned, just like a ghost at the Haunted Mansion, this merchandise might end up following you home!

Several new items have been added below. Check back as we anticipate new things within the next few weeks. Or you can view all the items currently available here on shopDisney.

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Haunted Mansion Merchandise

We are so excited to share new merchandise from your favorite Disney attraction!

Madame Leota Dangle Charm by Pandora Jewelry – The Haunted Mansion

This new Pandora Jewelry charm featuring Madame Leota has surfaced on shopDisney!

Image shopDisney

Sold Out.

The Haunted Mansion Socks for Adults

Hitchhiking ghosts, but make them socks! Beware, they might follow you home.

Find these here on shopDisney while available. (Sold Out)

The Haunted Mansion Gravedigger Mug and Spoon Set

A favorite returning mug has appeared on shopDisney! It says, “Not a Mourning Person.” And at the bottom, it says, “Urn your rest at the Haunted Mansion.”

Image shopDisney

Find this mug with a stirring spoon here on shopDisney. (Sold Out)

The Haunted Mansion Spirit Jersey for Adults

It’s that time of year! The time of year for a Haunted Mansion Spirit Jersey! And this is a nice one with one overall purple color! There is also the subtle look of the Haunted Mansion wallpaper print, and the emblem on the front says Ghost Host.


Find this spirit jersey while supplies last here on shopDisney. (Sold Out)

The Haunted Mansion Minnie Mouse Ear Headband for Adults

These Haunted Mansion ears are adorable. Notice the wallpaper background on the ears and the pretty purple bow! Wait! is that Madame Leota herself on the bow pin? I do believe it is! There are even a few safety pins for good measure!

Image shopDisney

Find these ears here on shopDisney while they’re available. (Sold Out)

The Haunted Mansion Ear Headband

We have another set of ears featuring a gargoyle holding candles. One ear says 999 Happy Haunts, while the other features the entrance with the Haunted Mansion logo.


Find these ghoulish Haunted Mansion ears here on shopDisney. (Sold Out)

The Haunted Mansion Loungefly Crossbody Bag

Need a new crossbody featuring your favorite Disney attraction? When it’s this cute, of course, you do! This is my favorite piece of the new Haunted Mansion merchandise! I love the way the graphics look on the bag with the chain handle.


Find this crossbody here while supplies last. (Sold Out)

The Haunted Mansion Pet Feeding Mat

Make mealtime fun for you and your pets with this new feeding mat. It says, “Feed me, foolish mortals.”


This cute pet mat is available here on shopDisney. (Sold Out)

The Haunted Mansion Pet Bowl

And you’ll want the matching bowl with the same sentiment written at the bottom. I have a feeling this is what our pets are thinking every time the bowl is empty anyway. Don’t you?


Pick up the matching bowl here for your pet on shopDisney.

Madame Leota Top for Women by Her Universe – The Haunted Mansion

This new shirt from Her Universe features our favorite, Madame Leota. The style blends modern graphics with a sheer trim and a scoop neck.


This ruffled shirt is available here on shopDisney.

Madame Leota Denim Jacket for Women – The Haunted Mansion

This dark denim jacket is another nice piece of this year’s Haunted Mansion merch collection. What do you think?


Find this denim jacket here while it’s available.

The Haunted Mansion Card Wallet

Need a new cardholder? This one says Hatbox on the button. These are always convenient for those trips to the park when you don’t want to carry too many items.


This charming card holder will keep your cards snug! Find it here.

The Haunted Mansion Fedora Hat for Adults

Want to look stylish this upcoming Fall? You’ll look the part with this Haunted Mansion Fedora. How creative is this look?


Pick up your own Haunted Mansion Fedora here on shopDisney.

Hitchhiking Ghosts Woven Plaid Shirt for Women by Her Universe – The Haunted Mansion

I’m not sure about this button-down plaid’s length, but I’m picturing it with black leggings. That fedora above would definitely work with this look too.


Find it here on shopDisney.

Hitchhiking Ghosts Denim Shorts for Women – The Haunted Mansion

And if you would prefer to keep it classic with denim shorts, these offer a touch of our favorite Hitchhiking Ghosts!


More details about these shorts are available here on shopDisney.

The Haunted Mansion Plaid Woven Hooded Shirt for Adults

This hoodie meets plaid woven shirt is another stylish look that I can get on board with. It features a plaid-to-black ombre effect that’s pretty cool with a few patches.


You can view both sides of this woven hoodie here on shopDisney while it’s available.

Hitchhiking Ghosts Tie-Dye T-Shirt for Adults – The Haunted Mansion

And for those looking to rock a little tie-dye, you’re in luck. The neon Hitchhiking Ghosts are the perfect contrast along with those graphics.


This Haunted Mansion tie-dye tee is available here on shopDisney.

Madame Leota MagicBand 2 – The Haunted Mansion – Limited Release

MagicBand collectors! This limited-release Madame Leota band says “appearing” and “disappearing.”


The Magic Band details can be viewed here on shopDisney before it disappears!

The Haunted Mansion Collectible Key – Special Edition

Those of you who collect the Disney keys won’t want to miss this new, special edition. Madame Leota is prominently displayed in the center.

Image shopDisney

The key is available here while supplies last.

The Haunted Mansion Throw Blanket

Stay warm this fall season with the perfect throw! This new Haunted Mansion throw features the wallpaper background from the attraction. And the logo is displayed right in the center.


Add this throw to your pile of blankets! Find it here on shopDisney.

Haunted Mansion Merchandise

Here are the latest items available as of the new year. Some of these might make the perfect gift for the Haunted Mansion lover in your life.

The Haunted Mansion Oven Mitt

Image shopDisney

Find this oven mitt here on shopDisney.

The Haunted Mansion Glow-in-the-Dark Luggage Tag

Image shopDisney

The luggage tag is available here on shopDisney.

Happy Haunts Comforter and Sham Set – Twin / Full / Queen – The Haunted Mansion

Image shopDisney

This comforter set is available here while supplies last.

The Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Jigsaw Puzzle – Walt Disney World

Sold Out.

Singing Busts Ringer T-Shirt for Girls – The Haunted Mansion

“Sing Loud Enough to Wake the Dead” is the print on this fun Haunted Mansion t-shirt that popped up on shopDisney.

Image shopDisney

Find out all the details here.

The Haunted Mansion ”Room 4 1 More” Giclée by Noah

Anyone looking for the ultimate Haunted Mansion gift will probably want to check out this painting. Look closely at the extra details. There’s more than meets the eye.

Image shopDisney

Find the available sizes in this artwork here on shopDisney.

Lastly, there’s a cute “Ghost Host” baseball cap.

Ghost Host Haunted Mansion Cap
Image shopDisney

Happy Shopping!

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So, did you find your favorite piece of Haunted Mansion merchandise today? Let me know in the comments.

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