The Full List of Disney Mugs

Disney Mugs are quite the collector’s item. If you have found yourself skimming over this review, you might even be sipping a cup of coffee from a favorite Disney mug.

Or you could indulge in a cup of hot tea now and then. You might even get creative and make muffins or cakes with your Disney mugs in the microwave these days. What will they think of next?

However, you could be reading this, in horror, staring at your mug collection on the wall, never dreaming of letting any harm come their way. If that description fits you, you probably don’t want to know about my faded Pinocchio mug. Or worse, the cracks in my Disney Cruise Line mug. Yeah, it’s the one with an anchor handle.

Regardless of what you use your Disney mug for, it’s fun to have a cheerful cup to help add a little pizazz to your morning!

Maybe even a favorite Disney Mug!

Thankfully, Disney knows just how much our favorite mugs are in demand. They are always releasing new ones, making it difficult to keep up with all the different designs.

And If you were to click on a product and find that it’s no longer available, don’t be too discouraged. Often these mugs appear to sell out but then pop back up as available again. The other option is to pick one up on your next Disney vacation for those with plans to visit soon.

Lastly, have fun whether you are just browsing or looking for something special. Remember, there will always be a new Disney mug release right around the corner.

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Disney Mugs List

Below are the most current Disney mugs available as of the last update in August of 2021. We haven’t updated the mug list as often as we’d like this past year. That’s mostly due to the shortage of new releases on shopDisney.

Since things appear to be picking up and several new designs were recently released, we thought we’d try it again. Personally, I hope you’ll find availability for any new Disney mug you hope to get.

Let’s get started!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Mug with Spoon

First up with have Jack Skellington with a shovel spoon to stir your coffee. The neutral color tones of this mug are really nice.

Image shopDisney

Find this Jack Skellington Disney mug here while it’s available.

Alice in Wonderland Color-Changing Mug

As always, my personal favorite of the bunch features Alice in Wonderland. The Cheshire Cat changes colors when warm liquid is added. Make sure to remember the color change mugs are not dishwasher friendly.

Image shopDisney

Pick this one up here on shopDisney, before the Cheshire Cat pulls his next vanishing act. Speaking of the cat, we keep a full list of Cheshire Cat merchandise here if you’re interested.

”I Need a FastPass to Friday” Mug

We could all use a FastPass to Friday right? Especially, come early Monday morning after a long week of vacation in the Disney Parks!

Image shopDisney

Hopefully, you can find this one here while it’s available.

Eeyore ”Monday Morning” Mug

While we are on the subject of Mondays, our next Disney mug features a Winnie the Pooh classic character, Eeyore!

Image shopDisney

Got that Monday morning feeling? Share it with Eeyore here on shopDisney.

Mary Poppins Latte Mug

I thought this latte mug featuring Mary Poppin’s silhouette was a nice touch.

Image shopDisney

Make sure to add just the right spoonful of sugar as you stir your morning coffee!

Find it here on shopDisney.

Imagination Key Mug and Spoon Set

Unlock your imagination with this new Disney mug that comes with a spoon in the shape of a key.

Image shopDisney

Find it here on shopDisney.

Donald Duck ”Best Personality” Mug

Does your best personality shine through after that first cup of coffee? I thought so. I know mine does.

Image shopDisney

Available here while supplies last.

Minnie Mouse ”Good Morning Sunshine” Mug

What better way to start your day than with a little, “Good Morning Sunshine,” mug featuring Minnie Mouse herself?

Image shopDisney

Good morning sunshine every morning with Minnie! Here on shopDisney.

Donald Duck Mug with Lid

Put a lid on it, Donald! Not really. You see this adorable new Donald Duck mug comes with a lid. It will help keep your coffee warm.

Image shopDisney

Find it here on shopDisney.

Mickey Mouse Mug with Lid

Here is an example of how the mugs with lids look. Only the Mickey one has cute ears!

Image shopDisney

What’s not to love? Enjoy your coffee with this Mickey mug every morning by purchasing it here on shopDisney.

Stitch Sculpted Mug

Talk about an unusual Disney mug. Naturally, it features Stitch. What do you think about the cutout? I’ll be searching for this one in the parks to get a better look at it.

Image shopDisney

View more details about this Disney mug here on shopDisney.

Mickey Mouse Raised Icon Mug – Cobalt

Don’t you wish there were more styles like this one available? The blue is a pretty color. But the raised Mickey and rounded shape really make the mug.

Image shopDisney

More details for the Cobalt Disney mug are available here.

Dumbo Mug

Fans of Dumbo will love this pretty new mug. It features a scene from the original movie. And the accents are nice. Look closely to notice the “Dumbo” written on the inside rim of the mug.

Image shopDisney

Available here on shopDisney while supplies last.

First Order Sculpted Stormtrooper Mug – Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Okay, this next mug is kind of sentimental to me. It was one of the items I considered purchasing on my very first trip to Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios.

Image shopDisney

The moment I saw this Disney mug, it made me smile. I really like things to be black and white you see. It makes things simple. For a little simplicity with your coffee, pick up this mug here.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Villains Mug

Star Wars fans, check out this new Disney mug inspired by The Force Awakens.

Image shopDisney

It’s a good-looking coffee mug, isn’t it? Find it here while available.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 Mug

Or better yet you might enjoy this mug with the Mandalorian and baby Yoda. I mean, Grogu.

Image shopDisney

Check out the full details on the mug here on shopDisney.

The Child Travel Mug – Star Wars: The Mandalorian

And this mug has a vintage look with pops of color. Think avocado stove tops from the 60s, right?

Disney Mugs The Child
Image shopDisney

Find this one here on shopDisney.

Disney Princess Mug – Fantasyland Castle

Fantasyland Castle will never be the same with all these princesses! I have seen this one in the parks and can tell you it’s a pretty mug.

The first time I saw this mug, it really caught my eye. I remember thinking it was much prettier in person. Find this one here.

Pandora – The World of Avatar Mug

If anyone in your group is a fan of Avatar, or Flight of Passage, in general, you’ll want to pick them up this cool Pandora mug. The mug features one of the Navi people riding on a banshee. And when you tip this Disney mug up for a drink, notice the “Sivako” written around the inner rim.

Find this one here on shopDisney.

Minnie Mouse Bow Mug

This Minnie Mouse Disney mug is a keeper! It even has a bow on the handle.

It’s available here on shopDisney.

Coco Color Change Disney Mug

While not brand new, this Coco color change mug has recently returned to shopDisney.

I’m a big fan of these mugs that do just a little something extra! Do you like them? Find it here on shopDisney.

Mulan Watercolor Mug

Looking for a mug that features Mulan? This Disney mug is a beauty with a sketch and watercolor design. There are also options to customize the interior color, style, and different size options.

Make your own specifications here on shopDisney.

That’s it for now, but I have a feeling there will be some fun new mugs toward the top of the list in the very near future.

If you are looking for other Disney merchandise, here are a couple of the most popular timelines:

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Now do tell, did you find the perfect Disney mug or are you holding out for a special design?

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