1. Terri Saunders says:

    Will any of the “sold out” bags be back in stock?

    1. Possibly, but not often. I like to leave the styles up so readers can see what has been released year to date. You might have luck finding a particular style on a resale site like ebay. And sometimes you can still find them in the parks after they’ve sold out online, depending on popularity. Hope that helps

  2. Peggy Jernigan says:

    I love the shape of Disney Sketch Tote Bag Purse by Dooney & Bourke-perfect Castle Placement-
    I haven’t been able to find it on the resale market- are you aware of any other totes this shape possibly a different print?

    1. I assume you meant the one that is reversible, I love that one. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen that design since I’ve been covering the bags. However, the Sketch bags come out pretty regularly. I’m sure if you keep a look out, you’ll eventually run into one.

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